“God Dey”, Our Solution In Nigeria

Leadership, Stories 2/06/2020 by Terkura Unongo

It really breaks my heart, we in the homeland have a duty to be a strong base, to take care of the children of this continent wherever they are in the world

To even offer them the alternative of coming home if it gets too much for them in a place where they are not accepted even though they built that place for free!

hundreds die, it’s normal, thousands displaced we don’t bat an eye, the best we do is say, “God dey”

But no… here in Nigeria for example criminal and terrorist elements within a number of tribes are sponsored by politicians to fight turf wars, cause chaos to advance some sort of minuscule political ambition, What the goal is I don’t even know, cause I don’t see any meaningful goal… just small-minded power-hungry goons who have been empowered by us the people, trying to maintain that power, and yes I say empowered by us the people because if we claim we didn’t vote for them why have we allowed them to continue to rule? It’s f****** pathetic so pathetic can you imagine the Muslim sees himself as Muslim before African, while the Christian sees himself as Christian before African.

Your Imam and the criminal politicians who speak beautiful Arabic at political rallies have done nothing meaningful for you! Neither your Pastors and Priests who ramble in tongues and show of their Latin language skills nor the criminals who sit at the front bench of churches on Sunday and then go back to their offices to pocket the salaries of millions of low-income workers on Monday.

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Brothers and sisters in the diaspora we at home are not only failing ourselves but also you.

Our countries have been so abused by ex revolutionaries and a class of military goons and stooges of these goons, that we have become numb to everything… hundreds die, it’s normal, thousands displaced we don’t bat an eye, the best we do is say, “God dey”

Then we ask but what can we do? We could start by at least demanding our votes count? Reforming the electoral process before 2023 for example, the HOR and Senate members, YOU put them there, what for? Is it just to dress well and wear expensive perfumes?

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