Finding Motivation

Inspirational, Stories 30/01/2014 by Akaafele

Motivation for most is the bedrock of creativity because it primarily deals with one’s imaginative power. Motivation is therefore the needed push to attain a certain degree of consciousness and direction. Regardless of how you understand motivation, the desire to do something is usually the drive that allows you or anyone else to achieve a given aim.

Motivation occurs on individual level and group level.

At the individual level:

Talent and vocation (skill acquisition) are areas that motivation plays a key role in.

At the group or team level:

The opportunity to influence and impact lives is identified and explored with motivation as the key. At both levels, motivation is non-negotiable. Without its driving influence, nothing will hold any appeal. One may have a great mind, all the resources; human and capital, and the opportunity to take advantage, but without the right drive one will remain just as dormant as an inactive bank account.

In the concept of motivation, there are three components, namely:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Opportunity, and
  3. Importance

Let us see how each of them function.

Satisfaction: The love for something and how it makes you feel when you do or experience and enjoy it is enough to make you want to have a repeat performance, not because you attach too much importance to it, but because you want it for the fun of it. Plain and simple.

Opportunity: Opportunity plays a direct role in motivation. It gives you the chance to do or experience something unique. The nature of opportunity does not allow you to hesitate because it comes and goes. So if your hold on an opportunity is slack, it is almost certain that it will slip from your grip and disappear. So you make it a point to use or utilize it whenever and as fast as you can.

Importance: The value or significance you attach to something, an activity or practice will not permit you to take it for granted. Unless in extreme cases. And you had be prepared to do everything within reason to remain loyal. You will also want to learn everything you can about that activity or practice.

Note that all three components combine to create motivation and give it the quality that puts it in a class of its own.

Within the concept of motivation, we must understand that anything we do will reflect one, two or all three of these components. Finding motivation is therefore a key to a fulfilling career, self-actualization, creativity and innovation, leadership and development.

Motivation is a form of life, when you have it you will achieve anything worth achieving. From the top, down the ropes, the effects are the same.

As a young person, it is important to know what it means to be motivated for the right reason. If it is money you want, there are honorable ways to go after it. You can truly excel in anything you put your mind to. It takes you to decide for yourself. Embrace and apply motivation, use it to make positive impact in your community and wherever you go.

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