Don’t you think you are a wicked man?

Stories 5/04/2017 by Candy Love

Illustration by: Ojo Agi

She was ambitious when you first met her. She told you everything she wanted to become. She told you how poor her family is and her dream to make it in life. You loved her and married her promising her heaven and earth. She believed and trusted you. You convinced her to have a baby first and then go back to school or pursuing her career. Now she has given you babies but you still keep her at home.

You go out everyday and come home calling her useless. She asks for money to buy her cream only for you to tell her that her mates are out there making money while all she knows is how to waste it. You don’t give her money to take care of herself but you go out there and buy lovely cars and clothes for yourself.

You even have the gut to give your secretary a market list for her to go and buy things for your wife to cook; a big insult to any woman. Even when you allow her to go to the market, you make sure there is no coin left for her to buy a panty for herself.

You go out there and admire all the beautiful women whose husbands have given freedom and those whose husbands love spending on. You even lift their skirts to see their panties and then you begin to feel that your own wife at home is dirty.

Sir, she is not dirty; she is only wearing the rags you gave her. At every slightest thing, you remind her how poor her people are and how her father couldn’t send her to school. Several times have you shattered her already broken spirit with your words. Oga, you knew that her family is poor and yet you walked into that humble family to pick a wife.

Are you telling me your reason for marrying her is to make her poorer? You even stopped her from inviting her parents to your house all because you think you are god. If after you married that poor girl, her family does not move to a higher level because of you, know that God is not happy with you.

You may not even know if you are prospering because of her presence in your life. Several times has she talked to you reminding you of your promise to her and all you do is shout at her. You call her useless and yet you don’t want to give her the opportunity to prove to you that she is not useless. You stopped her from acquiring the certificate she so dreamed of. You force her, against her own wish, to be a full time housewife.

You go through magazines admiring great women and wishing to have one like them forgetting that a man like you is somewhere giving them the support and strength to soar. You love good things on women but can’t stand seeing them on your own wife.

Don’t you think you are a wicked man?

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