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A Paraphrased Introduction Of Kunav Elite Daughters, Worldwide

Development, Stories 18/05/2023 by Joy M. Iorhuna

Kunav Elite Daughters Worldwide is an apolitical group founded on the 11th of October, 2022 with a common goal of the “Kunav Woman”. Our group consists of Kunav Daughters across the 12 council wards in Vandeikya Local Government. We were officially unveiled and inaugurated on the 5th, May 2023 by our Royal Fathers the Ter Kunav II Chief Achiaku J. Nyiyongo who was also installed as the Grand Patron; he officially introduced us to the Tor Jechira I, Chief C.K. Uganden KSM, KSS. They all gave their Royal blessings and endeared us to be disciplined, humble and we should above all be our brother’s keeper and always put the Kunav Nation first.

We have seen the gap between the Kunav Woman and the outside world that should be abridged and as such we intend to stand in the gap between the girl child and the outside world by:

  1. Sensitizing,
  2. Educating,
  3. Training,
  4. Re-training, and
  5. Empowerment.

We also intend to take the Kunav woman off the street by introducing an Advocacy Program “Catch Them Young” i.e. sensitizing them right from the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. There is perceived early marriage by our teenagers, and we intend to educate them on the need to acquire Western Education, Financial stability, and skills acquisition and to a large extent educate our Mothers/Parents on the need to give Western Education, especially to the female folks. This will eradicate the effects of cultural practices on Girl child education in Vandeikya Local Government Council.

We intend to carry out outreaches, seminars and sensitization programs across the twelve council wards of Kunav Nation. Again, we want to give sex education to our younger ones, Seminars to our parents about family planning, ante-natal, domestic violence, personal hygiene, child abuse, drug abuse, self-esteem, cultism, examination mal-practices, rape, human trafficking – this has to do with the situation where our young boys and girls elope to places like Benin, Ogun, Kwara, Ibadan in fact South and Eastern states to work on Cocoa and Plantain plantations, most of our younger ones are turning into sex slaves and some are subjected to dehumanizing acts.

We intend to promote/sensitize people with disabilities and ensure that they know their disabilities are not limiting them from achieving their goals in life.

Furthermore, we intend to provide our parents with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, improved seedlings, improved crops as well as mosquito nets, medical outreaches, scholarships to deserving students, and youth empowerment.

Joy M. Iorhuna
KED President.

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