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The Hidden Secret Of The Benue Woman

Culture, Relationship, Stories 30/10/2021 by I am Benue

I was highly disappointed reading a debate recently about Benue women being given to visitors as “kola”. Well, thank God for the person who vindicated Benue women! She was not even from Benue State but has lived in Benue all her life. According to the English Dictionary and Thesaurus, a woman is “an adult female person”, however, I refer to all females, youths and adults alike, as women.

A woman is supposed to complement the man in all ramifications, though most women are unmarried today either for religious or social reasons. Regardless, they have always been known as agents of change in society.

Women in most societies today are known to be dependent on their husbands or families for livelihood. This is not the case with the Benue woman, who on the contrary, is industrious and very hardworking. Women in Benue State handle hoes to till the soil by themselves, dominate the business environment and are breadwinners in most of their families. It is only in Benue State that the woman pounds the food in addition to running other chores for the family.

All these do not get into her head as she is still very loyal and respectful to her husband. Benue women make landslide marks in areas where they have served and surprisingly they tend not to take the glory to themselves but allow their husbands to take the glory. Whereas ladies from other states are known to study art courses in schools of higher learning, you see Benue ladies battling with men in the sciences and professional courses. Today, two women of Benue extraction are vice-chancellors of recognised universities in Benue State namely Benue State University and the University of Mkar, what a landmark.

Thinking of getting a wife? Then visit Benue State or get hooked to a Benue lady and I bet you, you would have made the best choice!

Original post from March 2013.

Mimidoo Williams, @iambenue

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6 thoughts on “The Hidden Secret Of The Benue Woman

  1. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    The Benue woman is resilient and struggles to contribute to the wellbeing of the family which she is part of.

    But, my question is, is it true that at one point in time in Benue State history that the Tiv tribe offer their wives to strangers who pay them visit to keep the visitor company for the duration he stays with his host.

  2. Frank Anja

    An educating write Up
    The notion that Benue people offer their wives as kola is due to hospitality offered by Benue people unknown to such visitors in their local domain.
    A Benue man offers his visitor plenty food, accomadation and gives him a piece of his wife’s wrapper to use in covering his body in the night . This kind gesture brought a mis – conception that since a Benue man especially the Tiv offers his wife’s wrapper to a visitor to cover his body against cold weather, they can as well offer their wives.
    The extraordinary kindness like offering food, shelter, accomadation and raw food stuff to take home was alien to such visitors, hence, the misconception.

    • Moyex

      Hello sweet Shanpepe! Call me Moyo.
      Pls do you mind reaching me on my IG handle => @mowhlex

  3. Morning star

    Benue people have the most hard working ladies,we are trained to suffer and live a local life, due to our mothers ,girls that don’t fix nails,no makeup,dress decent are the ones who a man will desire to marry,and if a woman ends up marrying.. all the responsibilities are up to her e.g go to the farm clean the house,take care of everything but a husband’s is only made to provide for the family,a woman that does everything to the family is more fit for marriage,and the thing is, we don’t like sex,we can’t always fulfill a man and that is our main problem,I am 19 and still a virgine cause I don’t have any desire to have sex but we are always beautiful even if we are always in the sun for 24 hours farming,we are born to suffer more than men and that is what is called a true tiv wife material,( proudly Tiv.my name is shanpepe,meaning morning star)

  4. Abiodun Kareem

    Wow.. really informative. Never thought benue women are one of the best.
    I will marry from there then.


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