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Opportunity for Nigerian Teens To Play Football Abroad!

Sports 29/11/2021 by iambenue

Football, they say is life! It’s a game of life that is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication, and it has successfully spread its tentacles into the lives of many people. Because of the significance of football, TikiTaka Football Club International Ltd was established.

TikiTaka Football Club International Ltd is a parent company that offers exceptional development services and products to football clubs, players and coaches. The most amazing thing is that this parent company earlier mentioned has a subsidiary club called TikiTaka Academy Nigeria Ltd.

It is with great pleasure that I am Benue ushers you into the glorious province of this company.  The company has a U-20 team playing in Abuja FA league and FA Cup, it also has a U-17 team going for tournaments abroad each year. Guess what?! Recently, the company held a scouting tournament from the 8-12th of November with scouts from Sweden and Finland respectively.

Furthermore, with TikiTaka tournaments, everyone is treated with utmost care and respect. Each person is given a fair chance to explore and discover more of his/her talents, and this is done without any atom of discrepancy. Thus, it would be pertinacious to help build the younger ones whose dreams have auspiciously led them to this line of profession (football), and who take tournaments like this with all seriousness. 

It is amazing how I am Benue was able to interview so many people who made various positive confessions regarding the awesomeness of this company. If all the confessions are to be captured, then, it would take decades to finish writing and decades to conclude reading them. For that sake, only one would be taken. A lady named Shamo Agatha Ngoundu, who is the Head Medical Team had this to say:

           “It was an awesome experience as I got the opportunity to work with TikiTaka to care for the health of the players. The experience availed to me by the company was awe-inspiring and heart-warming, working with them is something to be proud of. So, from the graciousness of my heart, I urge everyone who is in the football industry to get out of their comfort zone and push for more beneficial opportunities like this because TikiTaka pulls its approach into a different game altogether. It creates a culture and desire to strive to be better each day; training better, sleeping better, eating better, exercising better, recovering better, and better action (passing, dribbling, finishing, tackling, running, deciding, etc.).” 

While on the field I watched how passionately, skilfully, and impeccably the players played. The coaches took their time to attend and explain to the players certain vital things, while the medical team lingered around to attend to every case that required an emergency.

This is a wake-up call for Benue State and all! This is one of the most beautiful opportunities I’ve seen, and those from Benue State should utilise this opportunity and not miss it. Benue State and Abuja are propinquent, with the talents we have here, people can build up their career in football through TikiTaka Company, and with the collaboration of the Swedish embassy, traveling is made easy. It is high time Benue trained its own to shake the world. You probably admire players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, N’Golo Kante, Lukaku, Pogba, Neymar, etc. This is to show that we can come out better if we take the right steps.

This enthralling company is in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Abuja which ensures easy access to visas. Both the Club Director, Mr Borje, and the Sports Chief, Mr Tommy, have pleasant records and long experience in football; as players and leaders respectively. Therefore, they have an excellent contact net among clubs in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries.

Finally, TikiTaka Football Club International Ltd is a company with a holistic view. It is sacrosanct to note that when it comes to an individual, TikiTaka will always see more than a player or leader or whoever, they see a human being who should be treated with due respect. This means that the focus is on the human being who should be developed to become the best player or leader the world can have.

6 thoughts on “Opportunity for Nigerian Teens To Play Football Abroad!

  1. Anass Abubakar

    Together to the top

  2. Akume Mwuese

    Sounds great, please I’ll like to know more details about the registration

  3. Shallom

    I sincerely love this club
    Though I came for the trials starting today.
    With great effort I will try my possible best to scale through and be part of them.
    Together to the top

  4. Umeh obi

    I am a medical doctor who has a son that is so passionate in playing football as a career. Even while at the end in the university his thoughts are focused on playing football so i don’t want to discourage him any longer. Am appealing for your assistance to call him up for trials , and so on thank you

    • Iorumbur Joseph

      Been a footballer has always been my dream, and if privileged I will love to become part of the team, am a benue boy from gboko precisely.


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