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Singlehood: A Personal Choice And A Journey of Empowerment

Culture, Relationship, Stories 2/05/2023 by Tyohemba Jennifer Ukwasekpahembadoon

In today’s society, the institution of marriage is often perceived as a measure of personal success and fulfilment. However, it is crucial to recognize that singlehood is not a tool to be used against any single lady. Many women are not married by choice, and their decision should be respected and valued. Additionally, there are various reasons why women may find themselves single, including personal circumstances, fear, financial instability, and a desire to protect their vulnerability. This article aims to shed light on the complexities of singlehood and highlight the importance of understanding and supporting individual choices.

Personal Choice:

Contrary to societal expectations, many women consciously choose to embrace singlehood. They prioritize personal growth, self-discovery, and independence over marriage. For these women, singlehood is a conscious decision to focus on their careers, education, personal goals, and individual fulfilment. It is essential to respect and acknowledge their agency in choosing singlehood as a valid and empowering life path.


Singlehood can also be a result of various circumstances that are beyond an individual’s control. Life presents us with unpredictable challenges such as demanding careers, caretaking responsibilities, or personal hardships that make it difficult to pursue a committed relationship. It is crucial not to judge or stereotype single women without understanding the unique circumstances that shape their lives.

Fear and Emotional Vulnerability:

Fear can be a significant deterrent to entering into a marriage or long-term commitment. Many women have experienced past heartbreaks, toxic relationships, or emotional trauma that make them hesitant to open themselves up to vulnerability again. Fear of repeating past mistakes or getting hurt can lead individuals to choose singlehood as a means of self-preservation and emotional well-being.

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Financial Stability:

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, financial stability plays a significant role in one’s decision to marry. Many women prioritize building a solid foundation for themselves before entering into a committed relationship. They focus on establishing a successful career, achieving financial independence, and ensuring their own well-being. Choosing singlehood allows them the freedom to pursue their ambitions and achieve stability without compromising their goals.

Empowerment through Singlehood:

Singlehood should not be seen as a deficiency but rather as an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment. It offers individuals the chance to explore their interests, passions, and dreams without the constraints of a relationship. Single women have the freedom to develop their self-esteem, assert their boundaries, and establish a strong sense of identity. It is essential to recognize and appreciate the strength and resilience that single women possess.


Singlehood is a deeply personal journey that should not be stigmatized or used as a tool against any single lady. It is vital to acknowledge that many women are not married by choice, as they prioritize personal growth, independence, and fulfilment. Additionally, circumstances, fear, financial instability, and a desire to protect vulnerability can also contribute to singlehood. Instead of viewing singlehood as a disadvantage, society should celebrate and support the empowerment and individual choices of single women. By embracing diverse paths to happiness and fulfilment, we foster a more inclusive and understanding society for all.

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