Why pay to get a surviving job in Nigeria?

Inspirational, Stories 4/11/2013 by Akaafele

When you live in Nigeria, what you see and experience daily will convince you of the rate at which corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the Nigerian system.

Corruption thrives so much such that it has become part of the people’s culture. The moral and values decadence in the Nigerian society has led to situation where by people would have to pay bribe in exchange for virtually every thing they actually are entitled to enjoy as citizens of Nigeria.

If not so, how would you justify the reason behind the people giving or taking bribe in exchange for one favor or the other?

Virtually nothing gets done in Nigeria without someone bribing someone. You simply have to bribe to get what you want. If you want to get a job, get admission into school, get a contract, get passed the check point, you’ll be compelled to give bribe, else the powers that be as regards to what you want would make life difficult for you.

What should obtain in an ideal setting (which Nigeria is also striving to attain) is a situation where by qualified candidates/applicants are given employment into organizations or admission into schools to study any course of their choice based on MERIT and not based on sentiments, nepotism, bribery of one form or the other.

The Fifth Schedule of Nigeria’s Code of Conduct for Public Officers part I, section 8 (Bribery of Public Officers) of the 1999 CFRN, states that;

“No person shall offer a public officer any property, gift or benefit of any kind as an inducement or bribe for the granting of any favor or the discharge in his favor of the public officer’s duties.”

Regardless of the laws against it, many officials of government agencies including private sector officials still perpetrate the criminal act in the name of poverty and the harsh economic situation in the country when in actual sense they are driven by greed and discontentment.

By now it’s believed you should know why people give and receive bribe to get what they want in Nigeria.

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