Who I am?

Inspirational, Stories 25/03/2013 by Laura Utume

This is a question I often ask myself especially when in tricky and sticky situations.

When I was much younger, I always answered “I am Utume’s daughter” and this was chiefly because my father and mother made it a point of duty to remind me I was their daughter and I was different; not because they sought to make me a snob or put this air of importance into my head but it was a way of reminding me of where I was coming from as such giving me direction of where exactly I was headed… a popular axiom says “if you know not where you come from then indeed you will find it difficult knowing where you are headed”… as a living witness to this, I say this adage is so very true.

As time went on and I matured into an adult, I reminded myself that I was ME! Not just Utume’s daughter BUT ME!

This being as a result of me defining myself and values/principles; most that know me say she’s just a chip off the old blocks and I can’t agree with them more BUT very emphatically so I say “I AM ME!” YES… ME!

And one will be quick to quip “WHO ARE YOU?”

I’ll tell you… it’s as simple as A B C… I AM LAURA UTUME

Not the answer you expected right? Well it is what it is… I am me.

I am that young woman who will bend down and read to pass an exam

I am that young woman who will not take or give bribe even when everyone else thinks this a norm in our present day society

I am that young woman who will not resort to sycophancy to curry favor from another human

I am that young woman who will not sell my dignity to men for coins

I am that young woman who respects herself enough to respect everyone around her… take note l did not say elders l said everyone

I am that young woman who everyone knows is not on the bandwagon as such business is not as usual when I’m involved but it is business done appropriately so and at all times too.

And because I know who I am, I will not compromise on any front…

Trust me it is not an easy road but when you have a mind made up it seems all so easy a choice… listen, I said a CHOICE

Yes! It is a choice and one I am eternally grateful to God I did make as it makes even worshiping him a whole lot easier… HOW? Well that’s meat for another day but never forget it is a choice. You and you alone can choose to do right or wrong… even the Good books say so… the power of choice is an innate thing, we are born that way… okay more meat for another day I see.

I am not “mother of God” as I am dubbed by some but I’m just me trying to be me with some semblance of sanity in this world of ours that has become so perverse and full of not so good practices accepted by all and sundry.

Knowing who you really are is the first step to becoming anything worthwhile in this God given life…

It is also the first step to a very long journey for you and me. Let me warn you, I may appear your everyday “girl next door” but I’m so very far from that…

Errrrh… Well let’s just say I’m me right?… I was once told I’m too old for my generation but I beg to differ… You on the other hand will find out soon enough… boy am I excited!

Enough of the boring stuff… take a moment and let it all sink in because we have so much more to talk about.

Be good

Be you… Just be!

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