What wrongly ocupies us in Benue State

What wrongly ocupies us in Benue State

Religion, Stories 3/12/2016 by Nathaniel Ikyur

A couple of hours ago, the cyber space was awash with news ordinarily shouldn’t have bothered us. As could be predicted, this debate is dominated by my Tiv brothers and sisters on the new law, passed by the NKST Synod to check, according to them improper dressing in their churches.

Interestingly, most of those discussing spiritual matters here hardly attend church services. When they do, it’s either for economic or political reasons. Some are not even members of the church. Some are atheists or even traditionalists. But because of social media, they found it convenient to charge at those anointed for the work.

Let me ask:

  1. Where were you when God created the earth?
  2. Were you there when these people were ordained to do the work?
  3. On the flip side; How proficient are you on your so called earthy profession self?
  4. And who gave you the spiritual dictation on God’s people?
  5. In your clubs, who makes laws for you?

Please leave churches alone. Let’s discuss development and how best we could move our nation forward. The church and it’s leadership is not answerable to you. We can discuss how our roads in Benue state and national life could be run better.

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