What Happened At Mba’Apostoli Festival 2023

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Event: 5th MbaApostoli Festival
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023
Theme: Promoting Cultural Dialogue through Food, Dance, and Arts
Attendance: Over 500 people on-site, over 8,000 via live stream


The 5th Mba’Apostoli Festival, held on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at the Heritage Africa Village Square, Abuja, with the theme, Promoting Cultural Dialogue Through Food, Dance, and Arts. The event attracted attendees from various sectors, including the diplomatic community, civil society, health sector, Agricultural sector, Paramilitary, Security agencies, the Academia, government organizations and social clubs. Additionally, food vendors showcased their wares, adding to the gastronomic experience of the festival.

Participants adorned themselves in colourful traditional attires, exuding joy as they immersed themselves in the cultural dance performances. The event garnered coverage from prestigious international and local media organizations like Voice of Nigeria, Akweya TV, NTA, SheMedia, and Zone-Pro Studio. Social Media Livestream was provided by Ukan Kurugh, a philanthropic journalist.

The festival was made possible through funding from its President, Aveseh Asough, the Vice President, Tarzua Dzaki, and several other generous supporters.

Other supporting funders

Betty Agber, Adegbe Akubo, Laz Apir, Denis T. Uganden, Val Chahul, Atsen J. Ahua, Tersoo Ukeyima, Tersur Kwange, Senen Shar’dong Antiev, Regina Chichi Agir, Iveren Nongo, Maureen Agbo, Nick Agule, Awa Agber Ikyese, Divine Dina Angou, Daughter Jack, Akaa Fele, Terrence Vembe, Iorhen Kwange, Rev Fr. Solomon Ukeyima, Solomon Igbayue, Chief Joseph Aneh, Gabriel Iorsase, Terna Ade, Joshua Tarhule, Titus Orngu, Cletus Akwaya, Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob, Linda Dooyum Kpum, Peter and Gina Akombo Catherine Agboh.

Corporate supporters

Eat Naturre Foods, Media Maths International, Africa Heritage Village Square, KSS, Tiv People Worldwide Advancement Foundation, Benue Hike group, WordLens Story Teller, Gugu.com, Come N Go, I am BENUE, Club de Pals, MAX Soya oil, Victoria Travels, Diet Africa, The Scent Shop, Ave Health Sense.


Theme presentation: Dr Sunday Igbaba, a member of the Academic community from the prestigious Institute of Strategic and Development Communication, Nasarawa State University, Keffi gave an engaging talk on the theme, Promoting Cultural Dialogue through Food, Dance, and Arts.

Attendees from Diverse Backgrounds: The festival attracted participants from various sectors, including the diplomatic community, civil society organizations, health workers, civil servants, and members of different clubs. This diverse mix of attendees created an inclusive and dynamic atmosphere, fostering cultural exchange and dialogue.

Colourful Traditional Attires: People attending the festival embraced their cultural heritage by adorning themselves in vibrant and traditional apparel and costumes. The colourful outfits contributed to the visual spectacle of the event, showcasing the rich diversity of the cultures present.

Captivating Cultural Performances: King ZahZah Yough, the Benue cultural ambassador and his troupe led other groups in performing the cultural dances, while the internationally recognized Benue-born musician, Rapizo and other upcoming music artists delivered captivating contemporary musical performances.

A high point of the festival was the christening of the Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of the Philippines in Abuja, Roderico C. Atienza with a Tiv name-Tivlumun. He led the representation of the Diplomatic Community and actively participated in the festival, engaging in dance, and conversations with attendees while also sharing in the tasting of the festival’s traditional Mba’Apostoli meal and other delicacies.

The festival inaugurated its awards of honour by honouring organizations, companies and individuals for their long-standing support of the festival. Patrons and Ambassadors were also inaugurated and honoured with Certificates Of Honour.

International Agricultural research organizations were also in attendance to share knowledge and showcase new agricultural technologies for improved yam seedlings in line with the vision of the festival in providing value.

Food Vendors:

Several food vendors participated in the festival, selling a wide array of delicious culinary delights. Attendees had the opportunity to sample and indulge in authentic dishes, snacks, and desserts from different cultures. The food vendors enhanced the overall experience, adding variety to the festival market.

Media Coverage:

The 5th Mba’Apostoli Festival received extensive media coverage from reputable sources. Voice of Nigeria, Akweya TV, NTA, SheMedia, Ukan Kurugh and Zone Pro Studios provided media coverage, capturing the essence of the event and broadcasting it to a wider audience both offline and online. The media coverage helped amplify the festival’s message of cultural integration and interaction among attendees far and near.


The festival faced a significant challenge due to lack of funding. Despite the event’s success, adequate financial resources were essential to ensure its sustainability and further growth. Addressing this challenge is crucial to continue organizing future editions of the festival and maintaining its positive impact on the community.

Call for Sponsors:

To overcome the funding challenge and ensure the festival’s continuity, a call is going out to potential sponsors for support. Restaurants, hotels, transport companies, corporate companies, beverage producers, breweries, Agric institutions, and government operational costs.

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