To: Mama Shipenen Betty Ikeseh

Stories 19/01/2017 by Mbakeren Vanessa Ikeseh

I thank you for the discipline, the spankings (even though you say you can’t remember any of it now) in my early developing years, it helped shape my life.

We have become so close because of our shared love for God and the things of God. I thank God that He blessed you with a good man and thank you for defining the elusive ‘forever’ kind of love that the world so needs.

How many people would sacrifice a lifetime in the farm, total devotion to God, an unconditional love for their children and countless other relatives, all these years, and still stay true? We all know the answer to that. How did I get so lucky?

Our house is one of the most open, (proof? We have a short fence) you are peace loving, warm-hearted and the most friendliest person I know, to you a ‘neighbor’, extends to endless kilometers away, you have been able to win over the most ‘unfriendliest’ of characters, your mantra over the years is, “ka bem tsegh m soo ye”, I remember vividly your frustration when one day you worriedly said, “Nenge ica I gbe ga? Man m fa kwagh u kwase la ga cii”.

Mama, I have quietly admired your courage, your high spirits, your strength, your kindness, your love for your husband, for me there is no better example of the Proverb 31 woman. A woman whose love for God inspires all she does, all she says, and all she is.

I thank God that you are that kind of mum and I am blessed to call you mine. I might not have everything but knowing I have God and you beats all the treasures of this world.

I love you Mama.

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