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Tivs in the United Kingdom Meet with Other Nigerians in Diaspora to Address Herdsmen Massacres

Security, Stories 15/05/2018 by Ms. Salome Sulleyol Biam

The Mutual Union of Tiv in the United Kingdom (MUTUK) on Saturday, 12th May, 2018, held an emergency meeting with Nigerians in diaspora regarding the continued herdsmen massacres in Nigeria. According to MUTUK President, Mr. Kuram Gwakyaa, the meeting was necessary following the recent killings of the two priests and 17 worshippers at St Ignatius Quasi Parish, Ukpor, Mbalom in Gwer West Local Government Council of Benue.

MUTUK Vice President, Dr. Kohol Iornem  © I am Benue 2018
MUTUK Vice President, Dr. Kohol Iornem © I am Benue 2018

The agenda for the day was to find a lasting solution against the continued killings of Nigerians by these alleged herdsmen terrorists. Amongst the many deliberations, the group highlighted the following strategic steps:

  1. MUTUK in collaboration with the Tiv Diaspora Forum submitted a petition to the United Nations Human Rights Commission regarding the systematic ethnic cleansing. The hearing comes up first week of November 2018.
  2. MUTUK to meet with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to discuss the available facts and urge the British Government to intervene by urgently treating this relentless and inhuman rampage of violence as the Nigerian security forces seem to have been compromised.
  3. MUTUK to send a delegation to meet with the Pope to highlight the problems and humanitarian needs of the displaced populations, particularly women, children and the aged.
  4. MUTUK Members to meet with their respective MPs for the crisis orchestrated by the alleged herdsmen terrorists to be presented at the House of Commons.
  5. Intensive Intelligence gathering. Such information must be sent to the traditional rulers for on-ward communication to the Chief Security Officer of the State for immediate action.
  6. Working with other international charities to cater for needs of the over 80,000 internally displaced persons registered in Benue State. These persons have been neglected by the government and the living conditions at these IDP camps are appalling.
  7. Working with leaders of the Anglican and Catholic Churches as well as Islamic Scholars worldwide to lend their voice against these barbaric killings orchestrated by these alleged herdsmen terrorists.
MUTUK  © I am Benue 2018
Some MUTUK members © I am Benue 2018

Submitting a concrete proposition to the National Assembly. Specifically, seeking answers to the following:

  • What the government is doing about the killings?
  • What steps the government is taking to safeguard our borders?
  • What investigation has been done and what are the facts of the investigation?
  • What concrete steps have been taken to address the increased number of IDPs?
  • What concrete steps the government is taking to address the monumental failures?

Committee comprising the Executives to take immediate action on these step.


Ms. Salome Sulleyol Biam
Publicity Secretary, MUTUK

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