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This Is How You Become A Virtuous Woman

Relationship, Stories 20/09/2017 by Rose Ashiekaa

Who can find a Virtuous woman?

A virtuous woman is so expensive and has invested time, morals, principles, prayer, money and hard work in herself. Her Lover trust her because she is all there is to be in a woman, a complete package, a woman with balance, she nurtures, loves, care and is pleasant to him all her life…

Kai pleasant in every sense her words, her actions, her smiles, her touches, her food, her all…

She is known for her hard work, her spices are rare because she brings them from afar, she gives her home varieties… She is not that random kinda girl… She knows that not every night is a night for sleeping, she teaches her household the word of God, even her maidens are impressed with her.

She is classy has good taste and knows how to chose the best, she is so spiritual, her strength is from God because she spends quality time with Him. She discerns, she knows what is right and wrong because her prayer alter is always on fire it never goes out.

She is a strong woman, a woman with a great heart, a woman who has the likeness of her creator, she gives to the poor and no one in need comes to her without been aided, she helps them financially, ideally, spiritually. She is a wonder to many, she is not afraid of harm befalling her family because she has secured them in the blood of Jesus. Ooh she is a priest in her home. Her spirituality, discernment, aura, classiness, adornments, beauty presides her.

Her Husband is wealthy known everywhere what a trophy to behold. She is a full time house wife, a full time business woman, a full time mother, she is also a full time her self. She strikes the balance so well I tend to envy… she is honoured and trusted because she earned it, with joy she fetches water from the well of salvation, she is wonderful and fearfully made crafted with details.

She ain’t no hood rat, she is not a party whore noooo she has fun in the purest ways

She is a runway model of her generation, her sense of fashion outshines all, modest classy godly and above all she speaks Jesus the wisdom of all men. She knows her roots, she is aware of where she is coming from but at the same time she will never let it stop her from going where she ought to be, has she ever been hurt?

Yes a lot but she gives her pains to her Father her Creator so it doesn’t even affect her household or relationship with her husband, children, friends or maids. She learns from the past but the past can never or will never define her, she knows God is love so with all kindness she speaks, aaahhhhh she plays like she is a baby but never forgets herself.

She hates gossip, laziness, dirtiness, idleness, bitterness, quarrels, immorality, indecency and all the vises that the enemy uses to seduce hmmmmmm. She looks up to God the lover of her soul she knows with Him she has it all. Even as a single lady she takes pride in the life yet to come, she never sold her self out cheaply to men ooh Dogs maybe pigs who don’t appreciate pearls…

She ain’t no hood rat, she is not a party whore noooo she has fun in the purest ways, yes she knows what destroys her and she stays away from it… She stands with her principles Godly principles Kai She of all people knows her worth, she is a woman of her own she submits without forgetting she is also the all of her husband which makes it easier for her to give in all.

Her husband is secure with her, he loves and trust her… He sees in her all he needs and wants in a woman, She is his treasure, his queen, she is the answer to his prayers, no qualified maiden can beat her in his heart, she is his own personal Esther, his Deborah, his Rebecca, his Tabitha, his Ruth, his Queen, his One and only full package wrapped in one, his sweetest and greatest melody after His God she comes next, yes because she deserves it… A Single girl can be virtuous woman, a woman is a wife, a mother before she is married.

How do you become a virtuous woman?

  1. Make Jesus Your Lord and Savior (In Him are all the Virtues that makes a woman Virtuous).
  2. Study the word and principles of God.
  3. Develop your self, read books and so on.
  4. Study Virtuous Women in the bible and in our society.
  5. Remain in Christ.
  6. Depend on God’s help totally you can’t do this on your own.

2 thoughts on “This Is How You Become A Virtuous Woman

  1. Dennise Burson

    Thank you so very much for your words . I’m working harder I’ve always been close to our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m about to marry a a single SOLDIER with 2 children. I wanna be a loving mother and teach them about JESUS’S world thank you so kindly

    • Babette McVeay

      Thanks for the article…perfect!


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