Benue Links Nigeria Limited; A pride we must preserve

Development, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

If key things that have made Benue State very popular would be ranked, I think aside the great River Benue from which the name of the state was derived, Benue Links Nigeria Limited would be second to none. States like Lagos may have the BRT which is an intra-state transport scheme and other states operate one form of transport company or the other but Benue Links Nigeria Limited is one company that operates both intra-state and inter-state transport to almost all the cities of the country.

For those of us who are used to road transport, Benue Links has served as a reliable company to various destinations within the country and surprisingly enough people have made Makurdi a breaking point of their journeys just because of Benue Links. This I believe is something very key to the economy of the state as people will get to discover our rich potentials and be lured to tap from it in the course of their stopping over.

This pride of ours however needs to be preserved and even upgraded, thank God for the recent development in the company as a lot of new buses were introduced, this has boosted the image of the company and increases customers’ confidence in it. Let me however say clearly that there will be nothing wrong if the company grows to the stage of running an airline.

We want new innovations to be introduced into the company to make it not just the best transport company in the country but best in Africa and I believe if conscious efforts are made, we can arrive at that point.

Benue Links Nigeria Limited is our pride, we must preserve it!

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