Gboko Jubilates The Great Tiv Wall Of Fame

Artists, Creatives, Stories 7/05/2022 by Msughter Ralph Chekwa

Ver Ikese who is popularly known as “Mr. Artist” is a renowned Artist, CEO/Arts Director, Abeda Etcetera Ltd, a visual art specialist. He is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Nigeria, University of Ibadan, and Leiden University, African Studies Center, Leiden, Netherlands, and he has been painting arts work all over the world, through the years. He has had series of Arts talk, interactive sessions about Arts and Culture on several fora. He is on a rampage to achieve an ongoing project titled “920 Project”; these cover various drawings across the globe. Some of his recent works on this project includes; Three-Wall Murals UniAbuja, The Smoky Music Wall Benin City, The Music Wall at SYCHAR Makurdi, Fr. Angus Fraser Mural Makurdi, Tiger Heritage Africa Abuja, The Budweiser Bar Mural Abuja, Great Football Mural at Tivid Orphanage, Makurdi, Gidan Bege Orphanage Mural Makurdi, The Ochacho Mural Otukpo, amongst others, and now, The Tiv Wall of Fame Gboko.

Gboko Local Government Area is a popular town in Benue State, Central of Nigeria. It is one of the famous towns that are not Administrative State Capitals, such other great towns include: Lekki in Lagos, Zaria in Kaduna, Suleja in Niger, Onitsa in Anambra, Ife in Osun, Warri in Delta, Jimeta in Adamawa, Aba in Abia, Obudu in Cross River, Wukari in Taraba, amongst others. However, is it the Administrative Headquarters of the Tiv people; it is a radical town, a metropolis that has been a deciding force in many issues and the general elections of the State in particular.

Mr. Artist found Gboko worthy of his signature, the arts maestro painstakingly researched and selected a handful personality, mostly of Tiv extraction who has impacted Tiv land, and Gboko LG in particular, so they can be celebrated. Those who made the list include, Wantaregh Paul Iorpuu Unongo Kwangise, who keyed into, and donated perimeter fencing walls for the project, other personalities are: Pa. Akiga Sai, Tor Jato Aka (Tyoor Turan), Jerome Tilley Gyado (Ada u Tiv) Senator Joseph Sarwuan Tarka (Ikyarem i Tiv), Former Governor of Benue State His Excellency, Mr. Apollos Aper Aku (Akinde u Tiv), Baba Denen Tofi (Ijôr igbohool i Tiv), Bishop Athanasius Atule Usuh, Mama Elizabeth Afazwana Ivase (Pendatyo u Tiv), Mama Victoria Mbakaan Tsenzughul (Alômade u Tiv) a.k.a Naira & Kobo, No. One Tarker Golozo, Padopas Awuna, (Tagher tagher wan u Tiv) and an English man Captain Roger Meaden Downes (known in Tiv land as, Chafa Don); these legends made the first phase of The Tiv Wall of Fame, Gboko.

Gboko is agog; the people have been visiting “The Great Wall” in drones, to witness history in the making. Families of the legends drawn on the wall have been trooping to the perimeter wall at Baba Unongo’s house, Gyado Junction to identify with the project. Fans of the Artist have been marching to the venue to meet the celebrity, in person, arts enthusiast have been going to the site to admire the handiwork on The Wall, it is indeed a magnificent piece of Art, a sight to behold.

The great people of Gboko have never failed in projecting Gboko to the World, the Great Tiv Wall of Fame in Gboko has indeed added glamour to the interesting town, a town very dear to the Tiv people across the globe, Benue State in particular, Central Nigeria, and Nigeria at large.

3 thoughts on “Gboko Jubilates The Great Tiv Wall Of Fame

  1. Ver MrArtist

    Wow! What a piece. This is simple and apt. I love the comparisons of the similar cities. This piece is one of my favorites. Thank you sir.

    • Msughter Ralpheal Chekwa

      Welcome, the Art god.
      We’re happy you love it. The little we can do. More grease to your elbows. The sky is the beginning of your limit.

      Job well done.
      Tiv people are proud of you.
      Gboko is proud.
      Benue is proud.
      Nigeria is proud.
      Africa is proud.
      The entire World is indeed proud!


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