Formal education is a must, it makes you more efficient

Education, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

The phrase ‘to make it in life’ mostly implies becoming successful or becoming rich and wealthy. In considering formal/western education vis-a-vis making it in life, the question that often pops up is whether one must acquire formal education to make it in life. You would agree with me that their are many folks around us today either drop outs or those who never had a real shot at acquiring basic education but have achieved their dreams or become wealthy from their chosen careers through discovery of talent and mastering of the art/skill they acquired with hard work and commitment. Some are even authorities and experts in there chosen careers or professions.

As convenient as that might be, I however would not completely rule out the role that formal education could play in making this category of people much better in their chosen fields of endeavor. Formal education is an added advantage to artisans and the gifted.

Except you are too old, it is never too late to get an education, at least an education that would be beneficial to you in your field of endeavor. You could start with getting an adult education as an adult who never had a real shot at acquiring basic education as a child and then take it up from there. If you dropped out from school due to financial constraints, lack of commitment or any personal but justifiable reasons, I urge you to pick it up from where you left off. The importance of education in this day and age is immeasurable.

There’s no gain saying that an educated entrepreneur, artisan or entertainer is better at his chosen career than one who is not educated. Education makes a musician write better songs, makes an entrepreneur a better business manager and so on. Education generally fine tunes you and broadens your mind to be more efficient in your dealings.

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