Ebiere Akinola © I am Benue 2019

Don’t Live For Only You; I Was Once A Corper in Benue

Education, Stories 4/07/2019 by Ebiere Akinola

This is probably the first journey where I’m not the first to sleep inside the vehicle… Journeys give us time to reminisce. While I proceeded to the park, on a motorcycle, I felt the urge to put my two hands up in the air and do the peace sign with my fingers…but I couldn’t, both hands were holding luggage.

Ebiere Akinola © I am Benue 2019
Ebiere Akinola © I am Benue 2019

As I journey out of Makurdi, I recall my journey into Benue state, the uncertainties and all. Presently, another stage of life is concluded. I’ve had so many firsts this past 10 months, been involved in things greater than myself, gone out of my comfort zone at times, other times pushed out. I’ve learnt new ways of doing some things, read new books, gained greater exposure and knowledge. I can say that I’m more refined than I was when I arrived at Wanunne camp.

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If I were to advise any prospective corp member, these would be my words. Your service year doesn’t have to be a wasted one year…(I know there are many like me who wished there was no Nysc). You should know that there are so many opportunities open to you as a Corp member… explore, get out of your comfort zone, learn a new skill, learn a new language, interact with people..share knowledge as you gain knowledge, make defining and meaningful relationships, be passionate about something and take steps to develop your potentials.

Nothing is impossible… You’ll never know until you try. Truth is, the world is moving fast and people are making things happen, be a part of something bigger than yourself. The key word is service… Where are you serving? Who are you serving? In all we do, service to God and service to humanity should take priority, while you invest in yourself and your future. Don’t live for only you.

Ebiere Akinola © I am Benue 2019
Ebiere Akinola © I am Benue 2019

It hit me when a preacher said if your 19,800 ‘allawee’ is spent on only your needs (tithe excluded) you are wrong. Everyday proffers us an opportunity to be a blessing to someone.

In your small world, how are you impacting? In your small circle, what difference are u making? We see the wrongs in society and all but what ‘little’ steps are we taking to make the world a better place. There’s always something you can do, however insignificant it may seem. Don’t just be done with Nysc (and every other place life takes u), be done and dusted!

Ebiere Akinola © I am Benue 2019

While I ponder on the journey from here, it is really refreshing to know that in this life, it’s definitely not me against the world. God is on my side, and not just that.. He has placed a plethora of individuals in my life who are for me.
A wise man once said ‘You only live once’ (YOLO) if you live it well, once is enough.

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