‘Daddy’ – Shime Ahua

Creatives, Music 8/08/2018 by Akaafele

Verse 1

I jumped, I jumped off the roof
I fell, I fell to the ground I thought the angels would pick me up
I thought, angels would pick me up
I cried, spirit died
I went around, with guilt in my eyes
Father said “I’m always watching”
Oh He said “I can’t hear you calling me”
I fell on my knees
I was lost, wanted to be found, oh I screamed, wanted to pull my hair out
I closed my eyes and said


Daddy please forgive me
You said you’d never leave me
But I fell
And I feel so unworthy
Yet you said you love me
Daddy please have mercy
I wanna be yours only
Daddy please forgive me

Verse 2

He called me by name
Wiped my tears
Gave me another chance
I thought I had fallen too far
I thought I had fallen too far
He said I’ll be fine
Gave me grace, like an ocean
And said , when I was lost
All I had to do was call his name and say DADDY

(Repeat Chorus)

On my own
I cannot do this on my own
Can’t do this on my own can’t do this on my own. NO!(2X)

Repeat Chorus

2 thoughts on “‘Daddy’ – Shime Ahua

  1. Cindy

    I so much love it God bless you for producing this song ????

  2. Stonez_that_photographer

    You pulled it girl????✈


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