reuben acka © iambenue 2023

Leadership, Stories 2/04/2023 by Barr. Reubens Acka

Nigerians Living In Muti-dimensional Poverty

Basic Facts 72% of Nigerians living in muti-dimensional poverty reside in rural areas, like, Tse-Ackaa Sakera Town in Mbamaar District of Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, North-Central Nigeria. Locate your own town in your mind and you will understand what rural area means in Nigeria. That is where 72% of poor Nigerians live. This is basically within a […]

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Ojotule Karma Agada Olujuyigbe © I am Benue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 2/04/2023 by Ojotule Karma Agada Olujuyigbe

Happy New Year This February

On the 31st of December, 2022, I wanted to do a gratitude dump. I opened my notepad and I found myself looking at the blank page. There was everything to be thankful for but I was speechless. Last year, I spoke to God the least I’ve done in a long, long, time. It was the most eventful year of my […]

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Al Ustaha © I am Benue 2023

Security, Stories 5/03/2023 by Al Utsaha

Herdsmen Insurgency And The Politics Of Benue State

Every 4 years, the unfortunate, destructive, dehumanising nay inhumane herdsmen onslaught on the Benue valley, is used as a campaign tool at the State level, as a tool for endorsement or for badmouthing. Some of us who were (are?) soldiers in the struggle along different platforms such as; MAFO, VATIM, MUTA, 1-Idoma initiative et al, may have diverse perceptions and […]

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Development, Stories 1/03/2023 by Sophia Myambala

March Newsletter

Welcome to March! How far? Before we can completely refresh our minds and spirits this month I must acknowledge how ‘heated February was. It was a difficult time for many Nigerians due to political tensions and insecurities leading up to the elections. I am Benue prides itself in being non-partisan, however, as individuals, we all have our personal views, expectations […]

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moses adasu © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 5/02/2023 by Mshughter

Fr Adasu The Priest-Cum-Politician

Fr. Moses Orshio Adasu of Mbaamena, Shangev-Tiev, Konshisha local government of Benue State was among the 7 priests, who were the 2nd Class of Tiv indigenous priests in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi in 1971, after James Akor, who had the honour of being the 1st in 1969. Fr. Adasu was 26 years old when he became a priest. Shortly […]

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Relationship, Stories 1/02/2023 by Sophia Myambala

February Newsletter

Happy New Month Friends! How far? I hope the beginning of your year has been a success and joy. February is the famous month of love and kindness and I’d like to know what you love about Benue. Leave a comment below. In light of this month, I’ve listed some businesses from the directory that can help you get ready […]

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sexeducation © I am Benue 2023

Development, Education, Stories 31/01/2023 by Ochanya Cynthia Okwoli Adole

How To Teach Children About Sex Education

Growing up as a child, as soon as you get your flow mothers will simply tell you, “if a boy touches you, you will get pregnant” We were not told the main reasons why we can get pregnant or what sex is all about. With that notion, you find girls not wanting to sit close to boys in class because […]

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