Benue Transport Service, BTS

Benue, Transportation 31/10/2013 by Akaafele

The creation of Benue Transport Service, BTS:

Under the then government of Benue-Plateau State in 1972, a ‘public transport corporation’ known as ‘Benue-Plateau Bus Service, BPBS was established a with good number of vehicles in its fleet that covered all the urban centers of the state, but with the creation of Benue State out of Benue-Plateau State in 1976, all assets and liabilities of BPBS were equally shared.

With the shared assets, Benue State Government established ‘Benue Transport Service, BTS, a transport company with its headquarters in Makurdi, the State capital.

The collapse of Benue Transport Service, BTS:

The transport company, BTS operated for a few years. But perhaps, as a result of inefficient and incompetent administrative qualities and/or financial misappropriation coupled with technical in-expertise were responsible for the collapse of the Benue Transport Service in 1984.

Problems without Benue Transport Service, BTS:

Between 1984 to 1987, private commercial operators were in control of transportation in Benue State causing serious travel problems from lack of carrying units to exorbitant charges. Benue State then with the population of about 4,834 million people in 1988, has an estimated 40 percentage of the people living in rural areas. This necessitated a large, complex urban transportation system in order to ease our intra-city and inter-state travels.

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