Bem Sar

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Bem Sar, born John Bemdoo Sar, is a singer/songwriter and guitar player. The graduate of Business Management from the Benue State University has had a dynamic career over the last 20 years.

“I write music to be performed live. My music is like riding a horse swimming in the ocean.”

Bem Sar

“It is safety in a dangerous place. I believe that is what love means in the world today. I wish to share this with new generations.”

Bem Sar

During his 20-year solo career,Bem Sar has notably worked alongside over 30 artistes on the ‘Abuja Collabo Project’ in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja and opened for American singer Jonathan Butler as a sideman in Age Beeka’s band.

He has performed with Chris Thomas King, who starred in the Hollywood blockbusters “Ray” and “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” and was the only act, besides Dare Art Alade, to perform for 40 African Presidents at the Presidential Dinner for Nigeria’s 50th independence anniversary. In 2015, he supported Emmy Abraham on the “Yes2Life” tour to bring safe water to needy communities.

“The first time I saw him perform was at the first TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) at the Silverbird Plaza in Abuja. After singing a couple of songs or so, two girls behind me started shouting, ‘Something Good’. I thought they were crazy…then he performed it and I was like, ‘Oh…I get it’.”

Abdulnasir Imam of T.R.P MUZIK

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Bem Sar’s Playlist

‘Let Me Love You’ – Bem Sar Featuring Amuta Stone
‘I Remember’ – Bem Sar

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