The Most Vulnerable Adult

Culture, Stories 30/07/2017 by Joan Agabi

The most vulnerable adult is the woman waiting for a fruit of the womb.

She is ridiculed, has lost her sense of self and is gullible to anything filtered to her that can bring forth a child.

She is led high and low, to doctors and spiritual healers.
Confesses to all sorts and checks her family tree for issues.
She pays for prayers and concoctions.

She is sold false hope and miracles by all who can derive something from her predicament.
To cap it all, her co wives and in laws are there jeering and making her question herself.
Woe betide her if she has an impatient husband.

She will stoop as low as she can till she can prove herself a woman by African standards… Why? because we set the standards and have mocked and bullied her to feel she must prove herself and miraculously command her womb to be with child even if it is no fault of hers.

Why should we care or ask her other half to run tests too or go to the herbalist in the next town for foul smelling herbs.

Why mock your fellow woman?

Stop with the barren tag. Nobody is barren.
You have no idea how much they go through.
Stop with the queries about women not being immediately pregnant like rabbits.
Respect people and their struggle.

Stop sending people to strange places that even you would not go to, to seek answers.
Support and be there for people struggling and waiting.
Above all pray for and with them.

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