My Dreams Are Coming True

Creatives, Stories 30/07/2017 by Awa Ver Ikeseh

You all know how I love Arts and how I use the Human body as my canvas.

This has been my passion since I was a little girl and I made it.

In Primary School:

I was the best fine arts student. I would draw and sculpt with clay……. Anything at home was raw materials…

Omo! I destroyed stuff.

My Secondary School Days:

I became a poet(love letter guru, writing for girls to their crushes in Mount Saint Gabriel, MSG and Government College Makurdi, GCM) and a cartoonist…

After my WAEC I really wanted to learn how to draw professionally and paint, I found a teacher but he could only teach me while he was at work and it was so difficult to learn in his office because he was busy… Plus one day, I went to learn at a quiet place with him and he touched my breast! That was the end of my learning, I never went back!

So, finally…

I took to makeup artistry and we all know that story.

However, my love for painting and drawing never died. I guess “Our first love, never dies”. I kept fantasizing and trusting God that one day, I’ll return back to my first love.

Booooom! It happened, I married an Epic Artist, and the last 5 months I’ve been his student.

It hasn’t been easy, my teacher is very mean and strict! when it comes to teaching, he doesn’t even remember I am his wife in arts class. But I am learning fast… am tracing back my steps. With the combination of Makeup Artistry, and serious encouragement from my teacher, am trusting God to be a Great Artist!

My dreams are coming true.

My First Oil Painting:

Title: ‘Queen Of Creativity’
Medium: Oil and ornaments on canvas.
Size: 24X30 inches.
Year: 2017.

‘Queen Of Creativity’ by Awa © IamBenue 2017

Was there anything you wanted to be as a child?

You can still be… have faith, believe… and trust God. 

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