The Battle Of The Cats

Culture, Stories 6/08/2020 by Akaafele

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In 2020, five teams will be searching for

  1. “The Indyer I Tiv”, and
  2. “Ityu I Ikyor”

This will be happening at:

Ikyor in Ushongo Local Government of Benue State.

Cats team to engage in the search:

  1. Team Lion,
  2. Team Tiger,
  3. Team Black Panther”,
  4. Team Cheetah, and
  5. Team Leopard

These five teams will be searching for *“The Indyer I Tiv” and “Ityu I Ikyor” at Ikyor.

The “Indyer” and “Ityu”

A powerful instrument shrouded in mystery had been passed down from Tiv the tribe’s patriarch through generations. It was used to communicate with all the clans in Tiv land. In the face of an impending attack, Ikyor directed Akuhwa to sound the Indyer. Tiv warriors from all clans were summoned to a battle against the combined forces of Uke and Atoatyev. At the Gbatse battle, scores of Uke and Atoatyev lay lifeless, subdued by Tiv warriors.

Just before the slaughter, the wooden instrument disappeared from the village without a trace and was never seen again. Only Ikyor and Akuhwa would know what really happened, but none of them ever spoke of it. Legend has it that, with the aid of three young men of unknown identity, believed to be the guards of the “Indyer”, it was transported to a destination that can only be found if one could locate the “Ityu” that Ikyor strategically placed as a clue leading to its whereabout.

There will be seven clues leading to both the Indyer and ityu. And they will be placed in a way the no one team can get the two. You get one or the other. In this search, there will be also other consolation gifts hidden in the arena of the search, from souvenirs to books, and even cash vouchers.

This won’t be an ordinary hike. It will have games nite!

There will be:

  • Camp tents,
  • Barbecues,
  • Dances,
  • Storytelling and many more


Security is good and also there is a clinic where emergency cases would be handled. The hiking terrain is ‘beautiful’, ‘very beautiful’ you will see unique rock formations and caves, you can even get a cave named after you for a fee…

This event is hosted by The Benue Hike Group

3 thoughts on “The Battle Of The Cats

  1. Ade Terna

    Great idea


    I will be there by God’s grace.

  3. kusugh McDonald Iorwuese

    I always wanted to climb Ushongo hills!


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