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“… My People Have Nowhere To Stay.”

Security, Stories 9/03/2022 by I am Benue

Every day we live, we encounter clashes or conflicts within ourselves, families, ethnic groups and even countries.

At this point, we are filled with anger and hatred and we cover our eyes, shunning mercy, and as such end up destroying lives and properties.

These lives and properties we destroy, end up affecting not just us, but our children yet unborn. We gain NOTHING, after all and it’s too sad!

It’s no longer news that currently, two countries (Ukraine and Russia) are in a war. Our eyes are gazed upon them to see the outcome, we indeed pray for them.

However, as a Nigerian citizen, a Benue indigene, are you aware that your fellow indigenes are in a clash, and that worthy properties and lives are lost and displaced? 

What are you doing to help out with the situation with the power you walk about with?

The people of Ikpayongo are weeping! Economic activities have been shut down. Schools are closed! Learners are running away from their abode with their families helter-skelter.

School structures (e.g St Patrick’s Secondary school, Ikpayongo) parish house of St Gregory’s parish, Ikpayongo now habour fleeing families who have nowhere to go.

Tears won’t stop rolling down my eyes, as I see this happen in a place I frequently visit to impact knowledge to learners in a school.

What is the fate of my learners and other learners in other closed schools, their parents, their loved ones? 

Are the government and other stakeholders still watching and viewing pictures while these students stay away from school?

Going for campaign rallies, decamping events etc isn’t the priority of the government, however, being present at where her people are misunderstanding themselves like the ongoing conflict.

I can’t end this write up without appealing that the learners in Ikpayongo be first of all considered and see how they can also continue with their studies as their mates in other towns are studying.

Also, the government and other stakeholders involved should call these people (Mbaivur and Mbasombo) to attention since they’re the general overseer of all lands.

In addition, let security/military personnel be on deck to monitor the crisis. From a report I got, the military men sent there usually come and go!

Lastly, despite all human efforts to restore peace between these people, God’s intervention isn’t implored. It’s a waste of time

Hence, let us all pray for PEACE in Ikpayongo.

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2 thoughts on ““… My People Have Nowhere To Stay.”

  1. Doosuur

    What is happening in Ikpayongo is devastating.
    I weep for my State.

  2. Gyado Daniel

    Most at time, I wonder as how and why ikpayongo should be set abraz|,May the Almighty save our . Souls


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