Keeping In Touch With Your Benue Roots

Inspirational, Stories 13/11/2013 by Robert Ekpeme

Staying connected to Benue state and the trending happenings in the state is imperative not only for those resident in state but also for people of Benue origin in Diaspora (within Nigeria and abroad).

Its quite a challenge for Diasporans because the longer you live in Diaspora and perhaps without constant visits home and sustainable contact with people of same origin as you in your place of residence, the more you tend to forget the principles and practices of Benue customs, values and traditions as handed down by your fathers. In some cases even when you remember a reasonable part of your culture, you’ll find out that there is some level of non-challance and levity in the way you treat or apply them, not to talk of the tendency of getting rusty in fluently speaking your dialect which all boils down to the influences of the cultures of your host communities including a physical and mental disconnect from your root.

Those diasporans that value having real contact with their roots and still cherish their place of origin, try as much as possible not to allow the influences of alien cultures erode or nip in the bud the little of Benue culture still left in them. Staying in tune with the happenings in Benue could be quite tasking as you would need to read papers, follow news online, call friends, families and travel home often or once in a while in order to keep in touch and also feel the pulse of your people.

This is more of a call to all of Benue origin in Diaspora to nurture the attitude of keeping in touch and connected through any medium we can, not only to Nigeria but also to that part of Nigeria we hail from. It is based on our knowledge of Benue that we can discern its problems and also think of how we can be of help towards salvaging the state or local community we spring from of any unsatisfactory situation. Stay connected, keep in touch.

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