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“Is Benue State Government Expecting Another Mass Burial?” – Manasseh

Security, Stories 3/10/2018 by Mbachii Manasseh

I watched with dismay and wandered why Benue state government is taking us (Jossites) for granted.

I also read from the report the Benue state government is claiming to have contacted the management Unijos about the state of the security in Jos.

Without missing a word, Benue state government love mass burial and cheap sympathy from Nigerians.

The same people Benue state government is contacting to confirm the state of the security in Jos have their children and wards evacuated on campus.

The same Benue son who happens to be the principal officer in Unijos and alleged to have stopped the Benue state government from evacuating us on campus have his children evacuated on campus.

Just yesterday, an indigene of Benue state was stabbed in Ferin Gada Market why trying to get some food.

As I typed, there is no food for benuelites on campus, you can’t even go out to buy food.

It will also surprise you that, the same security the management is claiming to have provided for us are evacuating their children on campus.

How can you convince us there is security on campus why the same security men are evacuating their children on campus?

Shadrack Fenan Kums, a 300level student in the faculty of law that died in the crisis among others that sustained bullets wounds has been alleged to have been shots by the same security men (eyes witness).

Even if there is security on campus as said, there is no food.

It is also embarrassing to note that, on Monday evening, the Plateau State government brought 2bags of rice, a carton of noddle with 10litre of groundnut oil for over two thousand helpless students that are been taken hostage on campus.

Benue state government enough of this!

We are helpless here, we are without food here, one of us has so far been stabbed and is receiving treatment.

Benue state government what are you still expecting? Another mass burial? If that is the case, let us know.

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