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Why Doosuur Jessica Ukula Is An Amazing Person

Inspirational 12/02/2021 by Akaafele

It began in early 2019 when she decided to try out volunteering, believing it to also be a part of helping humanity. An outreach was set up by an organization called “Church On The Streets (COTs)” which she was already a member. And then, little donations were made by members toward pursuing the set goal and they bought: books, pencils, biros and rulers with the donations.

When the day for the outreach came rolling by like a happy ball, she and the team visited a secondary school where she gave a talk about drug abuse, the types of drugs abused, its effects and consequences. Her joy was at the brim and ready to explode when she observed that all the students listened with rapt attention and asked relevant questions which got relevant replies.

She strongly upholds the fact that “knowledge is power” and it has instigated the surfeit desire to read so much thus, consuming a good amount of knowledge.

In turn, questions were asked and students who answered got the materials of books, pencils and the rest of the things that were bought through the donation. A feeling of elation skittered through her when she wondered how even the littlest things could be a blessing to humanity.

Her talk with the children smiled with prolificacy. Then, she knew that giving out to the world was for the betterment of mankind; even small talks and advice to help shape the world. She believed it as a service to humanity.

Thus, she has remained a humanitarian up till this moment by offering impactful talks, supporting through free teachings and giving out small donations as much as she can afford. She, therefore, encourages people to help solve some of the distress of humanity through humanitarian services.

Doosuur Jessica Ukula is a high-spirited colleen, a lady with pure vision to fulfil her mission in life. She is a Roman catholic and strongly believes in God and his supremacy. She is proud to be an African and believes that Africa is the future of tomorrow’s world.

Being optimistic is also one of the core values of her life as she hopes for a better future. She exudes ebullience and spreads happiness like a perfume with sweet fragrance; being happy and making others happy—she cherishes. 

More so, she enjoys carrying out humanitarian/charity services. During the COVID-19 blighted period that incited a total lockdown of various institutions including schools for so many months, she took to teaching the children in her community for free throughout the lockdown period. She had volunteered to carry out this pedagogy for the betterment of the society and her love for children. She believes that children are the leaders and future of tomorrow and thus, their academic life cannot be jeopardized or neglected no matter what! She believes a lot in philanthropism and she visits the orphanage homes and also helps people (especially children) in need whenever she can.

And oh! She is a pretty good writer and enjoys reading books a lot. She strongly upholds the fact that “knowledge is power” and it has instigated the surfeit desire to read so much thus, consuming a good amount of knowledge. She writes awe-inspiring and academic contents to help get rid of some aspects of illiteracy in the society and also, some contents, she writes for leisure purposes.

Lastly, she is someone shrouded in mystery which the world is yet to discover, she has a lot about her to write which would seem inexhaustible. She is an amazing person!

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