learning new skills © I am Benue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 11/11/2023 by Doosuur Ukula

The Importance Of Learning New Skills

The economic condition in Nigeria seems to keep dwindling; there are few jobs, thereby leaving many unemployed. Unfortunately, it seems that even those working are not spared of the looming, unforgivable hardship that is sweeping through our nation, such that people are owed wages and salaries after months of working tirelessly. Moreover, the world seems to keep advancing, and even […]

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swaggo mayana © I am Benue 2023

Creatives, Music, Stories 18/10/2023 by Akaafele

Swaggo Mayana Music And More

Jonathan Adejo Ocheme also known as Swaggo Mayana is a talented Nigerian Afro-pop artist who has made a name for himself in the music industry with his unique style of music. An Idoma breed from Ogbadibo Benue State, born in Lagos  and raised in Abuja, Nigeria

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kpeibee sesugh © iambenue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 17/10/2023 by Akaafele

Kpeibee Samuel Sesugh

Kpeibee Samuel Sesugh, also known as Sam-k, is a passionate climate activist, social entrepreneur, and writer who was born and raised in a Tiv village called Tse Ilmo in the Donga Local Government area of Taraba State.

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George Onmonya Daniel © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 30/08/2023 by George Onmonya Daniel

Charity Begins At Home: The Tiv-Idoma Politics Everyone Is Afraid To Talk About

NOW THAT I HAVE GOTTEN YOUR ATTENTION, let’s discuss some real issues. The Tiv-Idoma politics. Before I go further, let me tell you that I have great respect and admiration for Joseph Tarka, a great Nigerian and Middle Beltan politician, and Major Gideon Orkar, the Nigerian Army officer who read the coup speech in 1991 in that failed attempt to […]

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ahenakawe © i am Benue 2023

Development, Entrepreneurship, Stories 15/08/2023 by Akaafele

Ahen Akawe

Ahen Akawe hailed from Mbakan, Shangev-ya, Kwande Local Government of Benue state. He is the Founder/Principal Management Consultant of Shealife Agro-Tech Consultants.  Ahen Akawe is an experienced agriculture and agribusinesses and management consultant, known for helping, educating, and supporting clients to develop strategic agribusiness investment plans for the future. Mr Akawe is a seasoned agricultural consultant with over 10 years […]

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