Al Ustaha © I am Benue 2023

Security, Stories 5/03/2023 by Al Utsaha

Herdsmen Insurgency And The Politics Of Benue State

Every 4 years, the unfortunate, destructive, dehumanising nay inhumane herdsmen onslaught on the Benue valley, is used as a campaign tool at the State level, as a tool for endorsement or for badmouthing. Some of us who were (are?) soldiers in the struggle along different platforms such as; MAFO, VATIM, MUTA, 1-Idoma initiative et al, may have diverse perceptions and […]

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Development, Stories 1/03/2023 by Sophia Myambala

March Newsletter

Welcome to March! How far? Before we can completely refresh our minds and spirits this month I must acknowledge how ‘heated February was. It was a difficult time for many Nigerians due to political tensions and insecurities leading up to the elections. I am Benue prides itself in being non-partisan, however, as individuals, we all have our personal views, expectations […]

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moses adasu © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 5/02/2023 by Mshughter

Fr Adasu The Priest-Cum-Politician

Fr. Moses Orshio Adasu of Mbaamena, Shangev-Tiev, Konshisha local government of Benue State was among the 7 priests, who were the 2nd Class of Tiv indigenous priests in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi in 1971, after James Akor, who had the honour of being the 1st in 1969. Fr. Adasu was 26 years old when he became a priest. Shortly […]

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Relationship, Stories 1/02/2023 by Sophia Myambala

February Newsletter

Happy New Month Friends! How far? I hope the beginning of your year has been a success and joy. February is the famous month of love and kindness and I’d like to know what you love about Benue. Leave a comment below. In light of this month, I’ve listed some businesses from the directory that can help you get ready […]

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sexeducation © I am Benue 2023

Development, Education, Stories 31/01/2023 by Ochanya Cynthia Okwoli Adole

How To Teach Children About Sex Education

Growing up as a child, as soon as you get your flow mothers will simply tell you, “if a boy touches you, you will get pregnant” We were not told the main reasons why we can get pregnant or what sex is all about. With that notion, you find girls not wanting to sit close to boys in class because […]

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moi-moi © I am Benue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 16/01/2023 by Gift Manyam

A Little Lesson I learnt From Wrapping Moi-Moi

Beans are usually not my favourite food in fact I don’t eat ordinary beans porridge or beans mixed with rice unless it is moi-moi or beans with plenty of fried plantains. Ever since I moved to school from home, I have never tried or even attempt cooking anything that has to do with beans, my coursemates can attest to that. […]

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igedecarnival © I am Benue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 8/01/2023 by iambenue

Your Benue Root, Does It Really Matter To You?

I miss Benue, especially my native land of Igede, the people, my relatives, the cultural dances, the traditional music, the special delicacies, and the serene atmosphere of village life which can be compared to non-other. My name is Robert Ekpeme, I am Benue – a resident of Jos city of Nigeria. You might want to ask me how I feel about […]

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Bakia T Thomas © I am Benue 2022

Inspirational, Stories 26/12/2022 by Akaafele

God Never Forgets – Dr Bakia

Many years down the line, I realize at the close of every year, I am usually very broke and this constantly kept me worried sometimes I grumbled in my heart and asked God why… Now here is the mistake and I call it the temptation that usually plagues kind people. There are people who have zero patience to believe in […]

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doose hilda joseph © I am Benue IamBenue 2022

Inspirational, Stories 10/09/2022 by Doose Hilda Joseph

Here Is My Little Story – Doose

Back in secondary school, people I held in high hopes and esteem terribly failed me. I believed so much in them and had such faith in them until day after day those very people started slandering and creating lies about me, they failed to see the real me, some even thought of me as competition, they saw me as a […]

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Goats © I am Benue 2022

Folktales, Stories 25/08/2022 by Terna Ortese

Why Goats Don’t Climb Trees

My story goes like this: A long time ago when goats were still living in the bush with all the other animals, duties were shared according to what each animal could do. The duty of the dog was to warn of coming danger by barking, the firefly provided light in the forest at night, the monkey and baboon and chimpanzees […]

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