Oasis of Love International Center (OLIC) © I am Benue 2023

Development, Health, Stories 20/05/2023 by Ochedikwu Ochanya Jasmine

Benue State Wellness And Medical Intervention 2023

An outreach was held in Gboko and Akpagher Mbatiav, Benue state, Nigeria by Emmanuel Iornongu and his team in April. Emmanuel Iornongu is the presiding Bishop of Oasis of Love International Center (OLIC). He is an international speaker, mentor and acclaimed leader in Spiritual Warfare. He resides in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom but came down to Benue state, to Tiv land […]

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kunav elite daughters © iambenue 2023

Development, Stories 18/05/2023 by Joy M. Iorhuna

A Paraphrased Introduction Of Kunav Elite Daughters, Worldwide

Kunav Elite Daughters Worldwide is an apolitical group founded on the 11th of October, 2022 with a common goal of the “Kunav Woman”. Our group consists of Kunav Daughters across the 12 council wards in Vandeikya Local Government. We were officially unveiled and inaugurated on the 5th, May 2023 by our Royal Fathers the Ter Kunav II Chief Achiaku J. […]

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Dr Akpem © I am Benue 2023

Development, Health, Stories 13/05/2023 by Akaafele

What You Should Know About Dr Shadrach Akpem

My name is Orkuma Tersur Matthew, I am writing from Keffi. I’m glad to identify with a friend, brother and mentor Dr Akpem Shadrach Terese who have been selected for the Prestigious Mandela Washington fellowship program. He is 1 of 57 fellows from Nigeria out of a pool of 10, 200 applications from Nigeria alone and over 70,000 across sub-Saharan […]

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WueseTyona © I am Benue 2023

Benue Government, Stories 8/05/2023 by Rachel Wuese Tyona

Benue State Youth Parliament (BSYP) At The Valedictory Session Of The 2nd Assembly, 8th May 2023

His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Benue State, The Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, The deputy Speaker and Honourable members of the State House of Assembly, The Secretary to the State Government, Members of the State Executive Council, Special advisers, Clerk of the House, My Honorable Colleagues, Past Members of the Benue State Youth Parliament, Clerk of […]

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Tyohemba Jennifer Ukwasekpahembadoon © I am Benue 2023

Culture, Relationship, Stories 2/05/2023 by Tyohemba Jennifer Ukwasekpahembadoon

Singlehood: A Personal Choice And A Journey of Empowerment

In today’s society, the institution of marriage is often perceived as a measure of personal success and fulfilment. However, it is crucial to recognize that singlehood is not a tool to be used against any single lady. Many women are not married by choice, and their decision should be respected and valued. Additionally, there are various reasons why women may […]

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Ngodoo Tough © I am Benue 2023

Development, Entrepreneurship, Stories 29/04/2023 by iambenue

Ngodoo Tough, Founder Of She & More – Part One

My name is Ngodoo Tough and I am a graduate of Political Science from the prestigious Benue State University. Some of the words friends and family have used to describe me are; tall, attractive, lovable, optimistic, intuitive, supportive, protagonistic, intelligent, and goal-oriented. I’m 30 years old, I hail from Konshisha Local Government Area in Benue State, Nigeria. I was born […]

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prof kohol iornem © I am Benue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 8/04/2023 by Prof Kohol Iornem

An Attitude of Gratitude

The first thing many of us do when we wake up is to pick our mobile phones to read messages and updates on social media. Are you guilty of this? Because I am. But do you know what you should do when you open your eyes in the morning? You should be thankful to God because you have got another […]

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terna francis © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 7/04/2023 by Tersoo TeeCube

Political Gimmicks Of The North

It is commendable that the Kaduna State government has appointed a Benue native as the education secretary, and we, as the people of Benue and the Middle Belt, celebrate and congratulate our fellow citizen Terna Francis Ph.D. for his well-deserved appointment. This move towards inclusivity and recognition of Nigeria’s diversity is laudable. However, it is important to acknowledge that Nigeria’s […]

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reuben acka © iambenue 2023

Leadership, Stories 2/04/2023 by Barr. Reubens Acka

Nigerians Living In Muti-dimensional Poverty

Basic Facts 72% of Nigerians living in muti-dimensional poverty reside in rural areas, like, Tse-Ackaa Sakera Town in Mbamaar District of Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, North-Central Nigeria. Locate your own town in your mind and you will understand what rural area means in Nigeria. That is where 72% of poor Nigerians live. This is basically within a […]

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Ojotule Karma Agada Olujuyigbe © I am Benue 2023

Inspirational, Stories 2/04/2023 by Ojotule Karma Agada Olujuyigbe

Happy New Year This February

On the 31st of December, 2022, I wanted to do a gratitude dump. I opened my notepad and I found myself looking at the blank page. There was everything to be thankful for but I was speechless. Last year, I spoke to God the least I’ve done in a long, long, time. It was the most eventful year of my […]

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