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‘Beyond The Glam’; A Anna White Documentary

Health, Stories 4/05/2018 by Anna White

The Glam is a documentary that was inspired as a result of personal experience. The project which started in October 2017 took a total of 6 months to complete and was worth every second.

The research process was eventful as we sort the most appropriate form to communicate this subject to the public. Finding people to tell their personal experiences was a special task on its own; most people are afraid to talk about what they’ve been through or are going through.

It is no longer a hidden fact that depression is real. While most people do not understand what they are going through, depression has eaten deep into many lives. It is sad to also note that depression has claimed many lives. We all have different stress levels and what causes depression in one might be different from what triggers depression in another.

This project aims to inspire and sensitise the entire public, knowing well that a lot of people are hanging by a thread and are afraid to get help. We hope that this work helps someone who might be in precarious situation. Finally, hearty thanks to cast and crew, those who shared their experiences and everyone who gave their unreserved support.


Written, Produced and Directed: Anna White.

Cinematographer and Editor: Mike Adesina.

Camera: Dotun Makinde and Frank Ojonugwa.

Graphics: Tolu Israel


  1. John Peters
  2. Nonye Onuoha
  3. Raveen
  4. Augustine Uzouma
  5. Anna White

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  • Frankie Walter
  • Sound Track:
  • Frankie Walter
  • White Sand

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