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Benue Fashion Designers Aren’t Invisible To The World

Fashion and Beauty 27/01/2021 by Olivia Doosey

Benue host lots of explored talents one of which is in the area of designing and manipulating fabrics.

Fashion design has become one of the most predominantly small scale business run by young aspiring entrepreneurs in Benue state, with almost every street hosting about 3-4 fashion outlets if not 5. In spite of the homogeneity in nature of the business, none of these designers is seen nor taken as a free rider due to their distinctive, unique way and style of ameliorating on fabrics. This is very much embedded in their simplicity in creativity which puts them unknowingly ahead in the craft. 

Only the esoteric get to understand the importance and uniqueness of simplicity when it comes to fashion, not very much of persons like to be seen putting on the activity driven kind of design, even the little % that are into it wants it as guileless as ever. The subtlety in designs among these designers is what makes them stand out as one of the best yet to be explored and starred designers in Nigeria.

“Benue fashion designers aren’t invisible to the world as a result of lack of talent; the fight is only yet to be explored on a real-time basis.”

Their attention to details and unique scenery are two elements which enhance their dexterity. The drive to be heard and seen is what exerts a prompt ideation behind their distinctive brands.

However, with today’s competitively rapidly changing markets, it takes more than just talents but also unconventional skills for a brand to make the top at consumers scale of preference. For a brand to make the top list on consumers scale, one must change and conform to the latest standards on a nearly-real time basis. Connecting with your audience is what makes a brand distinct from a host of others. The idea of normative social influences (social proof), holds a strong pivot in creating awareness, commanding authority and placing value on a brand. 

The impact of social media in brand awareness in the Benue fashion business needs to be harnessed and exploited to its brim beyond the Benue social community space, getting out of your comfort zone, thinking above what they have been accustomed to.  This gives room for fierce creativity in crafting and also, an opportunity to compete on a real-time basis. This is due to the fact that one can never overlook the presence of brands on the cyberspace. Adapting to a digital world is one of the greatest tools in accelerating brands. Benue fashion designers aren’t invisible to the world as a result of lack of talent; the fight is only yet to be explored on a real-time basis.

For longevity to strive, indeed it will take more than just talent. Hard work, attention to details, exceptional customer service, distinctive brand, a unique point of view and resilience to withstand the inevitable challenges shouldn’t be taken lightly. Below, are a few among many of Benue fashion designers alongside their trademark


CEO Rojo Clothing

Rojo clothing is a new and very talented clothing brand, specializing in everything female outfit, from readymade wears, cooperate wears, comfortable night wears, using different clothing materials, because of her passion for tailoring, she started setting up her brand while still in school.


 CEO Shield Of Faith Apparel

He started four years ago and only kicked off officially in 2019. Emmanuel sees designing fabrics as his goal in life, this is apparent in the quality and style of work he delivers, from men’s native wear to suit and tuxedos, he is self-taught as this is his passion.


CEO CMB Apparel

Benny and her brand make the best of African men’s English wears. She is a passionate designer infusing colourful fabrics to enhance beauty; she is influenced by native and traditional attires.


CE) Josh Joiee Stitches

She is a very talented and passionate designer that is soon to get relevance and merit recognition. Her style is unique and speaks a lot for a young woman who wants to stand out among her peers. It’s amazing to note her talent and passion which is the core drive of her unique creativity.  She focuses on bringing to light readymade wears, i.e Palazzo, gowns, jumpsuits etc.


CEO QN Apparel

She is one amazingly talented designer who specializes in women clothing, it is amazing how her designs make distinctive statement. It says stand out, and it definitely stands out. She has been a successful designer showcasing her work at the Benue fashion week, exploring between traditional attire and western style to give customers genuine sense of satisfaction.


CEO SESS Fashion

She is brilliant with eyes only for creativity. Noticing an interest in design and style, she pursued her passion in fashion improving her skills and creating clothing that combines traditional prints with modern designs. She makes beautiful Ankara designs, amazing two piece palazzo and kimonos.


CEO MKdloise Threads 

 Truly mkd na tailor wet no dey spoil cloth.

Loise is very passionate about her work and works effortlessly to bring out the best in satisfying her customers. She is a brilliant and creative designer, her beautiful and Chic design strikes the balance between Elegance and this and her choice of fabrics review strong belief that simplicity is class. With every collection that she puts out, further portrays how dedicated and talented she is. From making beautiful Ankara and lace designs (Asoebi) to modern well-tailored dresses, jumpsuits, kimono, Palazzo


CEO Skyview Fashion

She makes Ankara beautiful styles, mixing it up with modern tailoring.

She shows a lot of consistency with the quality of the dresses she makes; she draws inspiration from the satisfying feedback her clients give.


CEO Chelsy Clothing

Life isn’t 100% perfect but what we wear should reflect satisfaction

It takes talent and hard work to excel in the fashion world. Fashion design is creativity to Chelsy. She says her love for clothes and fashion started a long time ago, in her words, and I quote ‘’life isn’t 100% perfect but what we wear should reflect satisfaction’’, her designs will have you feeling amazingly confident about yourself whenever you step out. For her, skills and talent are gifted, absolutely free. She makes beautiful high waist Ankara trousers, kimono, and Palazzo Asoebi lace designs.


CEO Lee Couture

Her ability to incorporate modern and traditional styles adding her own personal touch is clearly evident in her work. Her creativities are wow! she is a businesswoman that knows where she is headed.


CEO Style Me Clothing

Definitely not unnoticed, she is talented with lots of determination and creativity. She is a good fabric manipulator, giving her clients satisfying reactions, she makes really beautiful dinner outfits.


CEO Terna Stiches

She is new and definitely heading somewhere. With her brand kicking off perfectly, she makes beautiful Chic clothes, she too is not afraid to incorporate different prints together to bring out a beautiful piece.


CEO Shan

She is a brilliant and indeed an innovative designer. Her style is so chic, creating amazing Ankara gowns that can be styled up in different ways, casually, occasionally or just a type of dress you wear comfortably when running errands around your work place or home. She uses Ankara prints to create modern styles


CEO Gilds And Glits

It is very rare for a fashion designer to pull off designs combining glittery prints with Ankara or glitter for that matter. This brand incorporates lots of sparkly fabrics and they come off very beautiful. This brand is exceptionally known for styling beauty queens and models.


CEO Devine Fabrics

He is definitely, obsessed with fabrics. His use of bold and colourful prints to create interesting patterns, are insanely satisfying to look at. His collections portray every bit of masculinity, bringing out a different dimension of fashion in men. He is definitely heading somewhere.


CEO Yurban Alley

Started his brand literally because he was bored and decided to experiment with clothes, which later became a hobby and now passion. He creates sustainable modern yet cultural designs focusing on design end style that suit the modern African Nigeria man. He focuses on ready-to-wear and made-to-measure menswear line, creating kaftans buttoned shirt, pants, noun suits, tuxedos as their front line products specific about finishing detailing, cutting, packaging and delivery.


 CEO Smart apparel

His choices of designs are interesting and sophisticated. He is self-taught and has spent years teaching and educating himself on tailoring and the business in general. With a lot of passion for what he does, smart apparel pays attention to details and it shows it has been hailed too many times for  job well done he’s designs are vibrant and electric and he definitely adheres to standards of craftsmanship,


Founder and Creative Director J2K Couture

A very familiar name when it comes to fashion in Benue. He is the genius behind J2k. He took his craft in designing to the next level, pushing the boundaries of fashion. He has showcased his work several times at the Benue fashion week. His ability to create strong masculine designs has won him many awards. His designs are influenced by Western fashion and revolve around highlighting the character of the modern African Nigerian. His collections always speak for itself, well-Crafted kaftans, tuxedo, agbada,two pieces, button shirts and pants and lots more


CEO Trendy Gerty Fashion House

Winning the award for Benue most outstanding fashion designer of the year 2019, the brain behind Trendy Gerty fashion has gained lots of recognition in the fashion business in Benue state. She is known for high class and sophisticated designs.


CEO/MD Glamour Mimi Empire Ltd

she is an artistic designer, her work is widely recognized and her style always standing out, some of her interesting collections are inspired by men’s outfit with her female touch.

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Written by Olivia Doosey
Edited by Jessica Mne
Illustration by Viashima Tersoo

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