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Food, Stories 14/08/2019 by Adelana Taiwo Hannah

Yeah, we here again with another delicacy, ‘Banga Soup’
It’s famous among the Edo and Delta people

Ingredients for Banga Soup

ingredients banga soup © I am Benue 2019
  1. Palm Fruits
  2. Beef
  3. Dry Fish or fresh fish
  4. Vegetable: Scent Leaves or dried and crushed bitter leaves
  5. onions
  6. Ground crayfish
  7. Chilli Pepper
  8. Ghana pepper
  9. Ogiri /Okpei (Iru)
  10. Seasoning cubes
  11. Salt

Cooking Directions

Extract the palm fruit concentrate from the palm fruits.

Set the pot of palm fruit extract on the stove and start cooking at high heat. Leave to boil till you notice come red oil at the surface of the Banga Stew. If you think that the Banga Soup is watery, cook till the soup has thickened to the consistency you like.

Now, add the beef, dry fish / fresh fish, onions, crayfish and pepper to boil very well.

Add the scent leaves and salt to taste. Leave to simmer for about 2 mins. The Banga Soup is done.

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Serve with White Rice or use the Soup to eat Starch, Garri, Semolina, Amala, Pounded Yam or Akpu.

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