What Have You Done To Make Nigeria Better Today?

Business, Stories 13/02/2017 by Sesugh Gigs Igirgi

Earlier today

My mechanic took some valuable minutes to explain to me why a certain ‘part’ in the car needed to be replaced. He gave me many reasons why the part needed replacement, but the one that caught my attention was:

“Oga the person wey work this motor last na him condemn the ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ dey fragile, small shaking or ‘tapping’ and the thing Don condemn”.

I was not sure what ‘tapping’ meant in the context but hey… Getting the car to work properly was all I wanted so I let him have his way.

30 minutes later

The ‘part’ arrived. My mechanic started ‘servicing’ this ‘part’ in prep for installation. Everything seemed pretty normal until he started going hard at the ‘part’ like a maniac. It didn’t end there. He was vigorously shaking the ‘part’ and repeatedly knocking at the ‘part’ with a pair of pliers.

Now dear friends, read the first paragraph again.

When I asked him what was going on, he told me that he wanted to “knack that valve make e enter well”.

I started wondering, shey the reason why this ‘part’ needed to be replaced in the first place was because it was fragile and someone had tampered with it mistakenly or intentionally abi?

So the thing is suddenly strong enough to take some serious ‘knacking’ abi?

Anyways, he had his foot in his mouth at this point. There was no reasonable explanation. I collected the money he received for the ‘part’ and took out some time to educate him on the need to be honest with his customers and how he and his colleagues can play their part in making Nigeria work.

What have you done to make Nigeria better today?

One thought on “What Have You Done To Make Nigeria Better Today?

  1. Charles Upele

    Hehehehe…Corruption has so eaten into the fabrics of this nation,its everywhere, from the family to the society at large…That’s why I for one strongly support “Change starts with me programme of our president”


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