The Objectives of Benue Link Nigeria Limited

Benue, Benue Links Nigeria Limited, BLNL, Transportation 1/11/2013 by Akaafele

Benue Links Nigeria Limited was established to implement the Federal Urban Mass Transit Programme in the State. The mandate of the company is to:

  1. Evolve an efficient and effective development of Nigeria’s Urban Mass Transit System.
  2. Modernise and lay a solid foundation for the orderly and comprehensive programme of the Urban Mass Transit System in Benue State
  3. To improve the development of economic growth, employment generation to the people of Benue State and other positive multiplier effects
  4. Being an implementor of a Federal Populist, Mass Transit programme, in  addition to the provision of additional vehicles for use by commuters, charges fares that are competitive but affordable to most commuters
  5. Benue Links Nigeria Limited is also concerned with efficient and productive application of available resources to enhance profitability and hence long term survival and growth of the company

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