The Need For A Functional Airport In Makurdi, Benue State

Development, Stories 26/03/2013 by Anwo Iordepuun Godfrey

In as much as we have commended the present administration on her effort to ease movement on our roads, it is worth mentioning that that state is long overdue to have a functional airport. The state has been hiding under the disguise of the Tactical Air Command of the Nigerian Air Force but I think it is time we faced reality that the state does not have an airport.

States like Delta and Akwa Ibom have gotten functional airports just recently and even younger states like Taraba are almost there, so why will Benue State be found wanting in this regard?

Makurdi local government is becoming a center of attraction and with the dream of “Our Benue Our Future” we are hopeful that the future of the state is very brilliant, even if those who propounded this slogan do not believe in it, we the younger generation of the state are very optimistic about the future of the state. So we should not be expecting foreign investors to have to travel by road to get to our state, besides most of us at times need to urgently meet up with some appointments that warrant taking a flight.

Even if it is not realistic to start the building of an entirely new airport, I think the state can collaborate with the Nigerian Air Force to make the NAF Airport functional. This will add a lot of the value to our

state capital as the ease of getting to the state will draw a lot of potential investors to come and explore the state. Benue State is blessed with a lot of illustrious sons that can even get us an international airport. I think Benue sons and daughters in government are not doing enough to attract development to the state, everyone seems to be working for his or her interest. There is no unity at all. To move the state forward, there must be unity of purpose. I therefore challenge our leaders at the federal level to try and see if Benue State can get an international airport.

We need a functional airport in Benue State!

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