What to Rebrand, Nigerian or Nigeria?

Inspirational, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

It is the million dollar question we will try to answer today.

A few years ago we heard Nigeria’s then Minister of Information Prof. Dora Akunyili go on about re-branding Nigeria and I laughed. Why? Well here’s why… Read on

Nigeria cannot be re-branded except Nigerians are re-branded, that is the simple truth and there are no two ways about it… you cannot re-brand a country in which its people do not have the right attitude or orientation to take up the re-branding so I say not until we re-brand ourselves, Nigeria will never change and how do we go about this one might ask… I say be YOU! Not the just the usual bandwagon monkey see monkey do you but the real you who stands up for what is right. I say

  • Stand up for the truth
  • Stand up for integrity
  • Stand up for honesty
  • Stand up for justice
  • Stand up for the rule of law and respect instituted authority always
  • Stand up for what you know deep down you is the right thing to do

That way if you are doing what is right and I am doing what is right and the next person and the next and the next and the next to the 160 millionth person, there is no way Nigeria will not be a new Nigeria, the Nigeria we all hope to belong to.

How do you know what is right? Who determines what is right? I hear someone ask… I say you know what is wrong right?

Thievery, corruption, bribery, lying, fraud and so many other vices you and I can identify as wrong… Do the opposite of all these and you would have ended up doing what is right!

Yes, it’s that simple and it’s not rocket science!

That much needed change in our society today I always say begins with ME, it begins with YOU!

All we need do is make that choice to be different, the choice to be the change and we all would have ended up changing society to be a better place for us all and the generation yet unborn…

What legacy do you want to leave behind when we answer the imminent call of mother earth some day as we all must… I say live now so the preacher man won’t have to lie at your funeral.



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