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My Reasons Why University Dress Code Enforcement Is Wrong

Development, Education 30/04/2021 by Mimi Jiwunde

I am saddened that in the year 2021, misogyny continues to dog girls and women at large in our society.

I do not see the reason for this dress code and what it has to do with the academic performance of any students.

I understand the reason for it is to stop girls from tempting lectures into chasing after them. The bad behavior of men in this regard cannot be blamed on the dress code of young women. If these men are going to behave badly, they will even when the girls go about in hijabs.

There are several reasons why this dress code enforcement is wrong in my opinion:

  1. The weather in Makurdi is very hot and so spaghetti straps, shorts, mini skirts etc, are exactly the desired outfits for young people to wear under the circumstances.
  2. Young people are able to express their artistic creativity and individualism through their dress sense. They should be able to wear what they like without fear of harassment from their male counterparts and the professors.

    When men get hot, they are able to take off their shirts in public but women don’t go harassing them. I think these men should learn to respect women and stop looking at them as sexual objects.
  1. Sexualising and then shaming these girls can heavily impact the way in which they feel about university. It shows them that they do not have autonomy over their own bodies. This can impact their work ethics, willingness to ask for help and their comfortability when on campus and even later in the workplace.

It is outrageous that a university which is supposed to be a centre for the acquisition of knowledge and liberalism will waste time on a nonsensical subject such as this.

The professors and deans should busy themselves with subjects that can help liberate our people eg, come up with vaccines for Covid 19 and malaria instead of finding the scapegoats for their inability to keep it zipped.

The African woman has a lot to contend with once they get married. A varsity environment is the only place they can catch a break, be them self and enjoy some freedom before moving into the strict environment of motherhood and housewife.

We want to copy everything western but when it comes to women’s lib, we are lagging. Let’s move with the times.

One thought on “My Reasons Why University Dress Code Enforcement Is Wrong

  1. Mya

    Wow. This is such a crazy topic! I agree with you Mimi. As a woman, I am confused by how a man can lust for a woman and condemn her at the same time. If she is raped or abused it is her fault for being attractive. If she is ugly then she is beaten and disregarded.

    If more men valued their women, they too would find more happiness and success because a strong woman will support any man, but a weakened woman will shy away from him and watch him crumble.


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