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Kapenta Of Benue – Jkobi

Music 16/07/2021 by Akaafele


Uhn, it’s your boy Jkobi, ladies and gentlemen,
it’s the kapenta of Benue, I had to address this Benue hip hop situation men you already know they been waiting on me, let’s go

Rap verse

Joe spasm called me and he kapenta of Benue
That industry’s messed up am the fixer of Benue
All white everything I must be made in Benue
Got it on lock I thow the keys in River Benue
Haven’t really touched down a couple of years
Seems like my city changed up in a couple of days ways
Now let me take you back to the days of glory
When we used to feel real MCs tell their stories
Used to roll a joint to forget our worries
Till copy cat wizards threw in some cowries
That’s witchcraft
It’s in my DNA I have Dominion over this craft
Got my street cred listening to jiggydu and Kris blaq
No Lassa fever that’s why I don’t mess with this rats
No no wayYo got a few issues that I got to address
Now I ain’t beat around the bush like I forgot the address
Tu gave cred to AJ on his album
We celebrate like black America and Malcolm
Now we tryna to see what’s gonna be the outcome
I pray jizzo gets a Benz and a house in Chevron
Life’s too short am only here for a quickie
Got my craft polished aboki ka sar kiwi
Plus I got style no tunde and no shift
Now I should thow a hook for this rappers acting fishy
Cold room Agression send this cats to the mogue
Brought the chills in summer disappear with the fog
If you looking for some bars man I still got the plug
Forget about the beef bro have a slice of pork
Shey I come Lagos come look the bridge?
I keep my head above waters 3rd mainland bridge
Torgodobi the icon king of the street
It’s fire bars on the mic ill beat on the mix
That crazy mad rapper busy balling on my name
Tryna sound like everything I ever said in the game
They sleeping on the money man a lot of y’all dozing
You said that you the best you must be kaligraph jonzing
Souls couldn’t post me said my look is wack
Most of these rappers place fashion above the art
I lov my family but I had to pack my bag
Somewhere in Las giddy Somebody love my rap
Shout out my road dawg all hail King nyama
Now how the hell that nigga still around with his mama?
One or the few rappers that I wanna see on top
Dopiano and Danni vembs I hope you don’t stop
Ain’t looking for a deal man am coming for the kill
Hope you make it rain am only coming for the drip
To you self aclaimed Kings man it’s time to go to sleep
If you a witness of the kingdom it’s time to go to preach
Hommi this is giddy all this bills I been footing
Keep my bag at flyest bawz while I chill with snappy duzzy
Thank God it’s Friday
Pull up in a g wag just me and Zaaki Azzay
Doing about 120 on Lekki admiralty
Torch light shine bright like say na Illuminati plackaaaa!


Rest in peace Jay Henry,
Don giddy, rawcash, boybless forever, shout out Kris Blac my Dubai plug, the hair architect, shout out sbtizzy, y’all ready know.
You know I had to come through man, talk to my people man address this Benue hip hop situation, you know most of these cats out here man tryna act like they run this but they ain’t really playing by the rules you know am saying, now torgodobi the icon is back now, am back on the thone now am tryna set the record straight, wadata to the world, Abj city Las giddy, maktown forever, it’s Tiv trap media, shout out the king Zaaki Azzay, the legend the icon. its ill beats.

13 thoughts on “Kapenta Of Benue – Jkobi

  1. Asapkobi

    Love this

    • Asapkobi

      Thanks brother hope you learn how to support me man I appreciate ?

  2. Mo'blinkz

    Life’s too short I’m only here for a quickie
    Damn mahn flow so I’ll…..@jkobi
    You doing big things bro

    • Asapkobi

      Blessings brother I appreciate your help and support ??❤️

  3. KesDee

    This is explosive. Too solid

    • Asapkobi

      Thanks fam I do it for peeps like you ??❤️❤️?? bless up buddy

    • Asapkobi

      ?✊? thanks Lord milly

  4. ILLBeats

    Maaaaad oooh

    • Asapkobi


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