Harnessing Your Potentials

Inspirational, Stories 13/11/2013 by Robert Ekpeme

Every one has a potential, a talent or gift exclusive of the skill acquired through teaching, formal education or the learning process. What’s that thing that you have passion for and love doing more than anything else? Am talking about an ability you are born with.

Good news coming to you from the stables of ‘Iam Benue’ today is, that talent deposit in you is a gold mine and might just be your life saver. What you need to do is look within, search deeper for that talent and harness it to your advantage. All that you need to succeed has been deposited in you, making you pregnant with one thing or the other meant to make you succeed in life.

In putting your talent to use, you’ll derive great joy and satisfaction. A fully harnessed potential produces high result because it’s a combination of your purpose in life and your passion (what you have strong love for). This mix results in peak performance. If you are multi-talented you will have to decide which of your gift will help you make the most impact in people’s lives. Somehow, you will be able to see how other gift fits in.

The process of harnessing your potential begins firstly with discovering or identifying it, the second step is to develop it and thirdly is to deploy it. Therefore, when you discover it, don’t fail to develop it and when you develop it, don’t fail to deploy it either. Developing your potentials could be achieved by constant practice/use of that gift or by polishing of that gift in an institution designed for that purpose.

The continuous ignorance of your gift or talent can deprive you of daily bread especially when you are not gainfully employed in other areas of life. Putting your talent to use does not only bring you satisfaction but also could serve as source of revenue. In the early days of discovering your talent, it might not immediately be of economic value to you though having the potential to generate wealth, but when you master it through development, it becomes of economical value through which you can make money. A case of getting paid for doing what you have passion for and know how to do best.

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