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Entitlement Mentality

Development, Education, Stories 13/06/2023 by Doose Diana Ukange

Humans are quite a funny breed, they won’t be there for you when you need them, they won’t even show an iota of care or concern and when you decide to grow and learn to walk as a loner or with the few persons who stood by you in your storm, you see them whining here and there about not been included. I have experienced bad friendships for a long time, I have endured, and I have made excuses for them but it still ended up bad.

World people go run you street if you no arrange

Last year I met with so many challenges that if my maker, my family, YONE and a few genuine friends didn’t come through, depression would have sunk me deep. I mean waking up every day to question your existence, having premonitions and sinister feelings of the next bad thing to occur and having almost zero zest for living was just the turn of days.

My mental health was in shambles but humans really care about only what bothers them, someone will call and the next thing is to start placing demands of this and that, requesting this assistance to that and not even knowing how you’re surviving. A bit of the losses I experienced I posted here on my timeline but to show how humans truly care, persons I called friends passed by it to drop likes and moved on, persons I didn’t even see it coming from kept calling, messaging, praying and even down to sending gifts! God bless you all richly. I don’t have a problem with you not showing any form of kindness or love to me as you supposedly consider me to be a friend but I won’t tolerate that crap of emotional blackmail when I exile you out of my life and affairs.

Truly the ones you consider as friends could only be with you for the benefits of what being with you brings! Learn to know your friends from those who call you friends.

If you aren’t there in my stormy days don’t feel entitled to be included in my merry days! Act in the same magnitude you did when I cried and you were not there when I laugh also. And there’s no way you’ll make me feel bad, I am a good person but the word nice doesn’t and won’t exist in my vocabulary again.

The feature picture of this write-up is a Pretty Merry Married Soul unbothered about the attitude and behaviours of denizens of earth.

This 2023 try the arrange some principles, world people go run you street if you no arrange.

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