Elections in Benue State; How Far, So Far?

Education, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

Benue State is one among the states where there is prominence of opposition political parties. It is generally believed that where there is no opposition, it is owing to high level of election manipulation by the winning party and that the pace of development in such states is usually very low. This is not the case with Benue State. You might want to ask why how, relax and read.

Benue State has a serving senator who won elections on the platform of an opposition political party. As if that is not enough, three of the serving house of representative members also got their ticket to the National Assembly on the platform of the same opposition party. In the House of Assembly, ten of the members are from the opposition. So you see that Benue State is actually not completely dominated by one party and I guess that is the reason every stakeholder is trying to get to work to avoid being shown the way out in subsequent elections. After the gubernatorial elections, the incumbent governor was restless because he knew the opposition was up to something, this is not the case with many states where the bone of contention used to be the primary election of the winning party.

It is claimed that the recent local government elections was completely swept by one party but since Benue State is known to have a strong opposition, I think the local government election tribunal will make justice prevail at the end of the day after all, a serving speaker of the House of Assembly had his election nullified in Benue State, so let us keep our fingers crossed as the tribunal will soon begin its work.

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