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Ahen Akawe

Development, Entrepreneurship, Stories 15/08/2023 by Akaafele

Ahen Akawe hailed from Mbakan, Shangev-ya, Kwande Local Government of Benue state. He is the Founder/Principal Management Consultant of Shealife Agro-Tech Consultants

Ahen Akawe is an experienced agriculture and agribusinesses and management consultant, known for helping, educating, and supporting clients to develop strategic agribusiness investment plans for the future. Mr Akawe is a seasoned agricultural consultant with over 10 years in the industry, proven to assess and recommend solutions that improve crop yields, reduce inputs, and increase profitability for farmers. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture production and providing agribusiness owners and managers with the technical tools they need to be successful.

Mr Akawe owns a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with a speciality in Agronomy from the University of Agriculture Makurdi, now Joseph Sawuam Tarka University of Agriculture Makurdi. He also holds a Professional Management Diploma from the UK Institute of Management Specialists. He is a Member Institute of Management Specialist UK, Member of the Institute of Management Consultant Nigeria, Member The Africa Business Club.

Mr Akawe has received several awards and honours including the Specialized Agriculture Manager award from the UK Institute of Management Specialist, the Leadership Excellence Award in recognition of his visionary and exceptional leadership by The Africa Business Club, United Nations Food Systems Hero at the United Nations Food systems summit 2021.

He was selected as a delegate of Istanbul International Model United! Nations held at Istanbul, Turkey in February 2023, Delegate Best Diplomats, Diplomatic Simulation of The United Nations Malaysia March 2023 and Dubai May 2023.

He is a writer, a politician, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist trusted by others, for his ability to take charge of tasks and his leadership potential. 

His hobby includes volunteering and participating in community service, reading books and publications, and Writing articles and blog posts. 

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