Achievements and vocational training

Achievements and vocational training, Benue 30/10/2013 by Akaafele

Other achievements/Services NDE and Vocational training

Since the inception of the National Directorate of Employment Program in 1987, Dajo Pottery has been in the vanguard of training people under the National Open Apprenticeship Program of the Directorate. More than 265 trainees have so far bene ted from the training o ffered at Dajo Pottery. Several of the trainees have over the years been retained by Dajo Pottery. Some have since established their own pottery industries, while others are gainfully employed in other potteries across the country.

The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army Rehabilitation and Resettlement Scheme, has over the years also benefited from the training o ffered at Dajo Pottery by sending its people to acquire skills at the industry before retirement.

United Nations Development Programme, UNDP

Dajo Pottery Ltd is actively involved in the Training of Apprentices under the UNDP Small and Medium Enterprises Program. In December 1997, the rst set of 10 apprentices of this program graduated. Five have been employed at Dajo Pottery while the other ve have since set up their individual potteries.

Industrial Training Fund, ITF

Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education also benefit immensely from the quality training o ered at Dajo Pottery under Students Industrial Works Experience Scheme (SI-WES) of the ITF. Since 1988, more than 350 from these institutions have been trained at Dajo Pottery. They have continued to bene t till date on a pro bono basis.

Dajo Clay Academy

This is the one legacy the Proprietor Mr. Levi Yakubu cant wait to leave for generations after him. He always invokes the Biblical sayin, freely I received, freely Ill give. In order to complement the quality of Education in our tertiary institutions in Nigeria, especially by addressing the rather unfortunately widening gap in the acquisition and practical application of skills, Dajo Pottery Ltd has sought and obtained approval from the Agency for Adult and Non-formal Education to establish the Dajo Clay Academy. The rst of its kind in Nigeria to be established by a private Pottery industry, this Academy will focus on the training and retraining of trainers and practitioners in the industry in order to share new and indigenous knowledge and practical skills as well as promote the cross fertilization of ideas for the growth of the industry in Nigeria.

Synergy and Collaboration

Dajo Pottery Ltd seeks collaboration with reputable operators in the hospitality, educational and performing arts institutions to create synergy that will lead to further development of its area of operation as a tourist destination that can bring added value and economic empowerment to the local communities in line with its mission.

Aqua Culture

Dajo Pottery Industry is located on a 10 hectare piece of land on Km 5 Gboko road, Makurdi, the Benue State capital in central Nigeria. This piece of land accounts for one of the best and nest ball clay deposits in the world. This environmentally friendly company manually excavates and processes their ball clay requirement right on this site. The craters that have developed over the years through these activities have been turned into fish ponds and stocked with assorted cat sh and tilapia species. This has created additional source of income for the company and more jobs for the neighborhood.

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