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2014 Testimony Of A Benue Daughter

Inspirational, Stories 22/10/2016 by iambenue

Friends and family, my name is Jennifer Akiga, I have to admit, I have learnt A LOT in 2014 and honestly ‘I do not look like what I’ve been through’!

This has got to be the BEST year of my entire life!

Prior to when I moved back to Nigeria, I was moving in a direction I deemed fit for me. I had everything put together (or so I thought), I had loads of amazing friends(and still do), and basically life was good (not great, just good). However, that was it… Nothing special.

Just there! I came back to Nigeria to become a part of the family business and after a year of working day and night I’ve learnt several things which would be unfair if I don’t share with you:

  1. Having quality friends:
    You’re going to have to cut down the quantity of your friends and start considering the quality. It’s great to have millions of friends, but what’s great about having loads of friends with a negative bank account balance and no one to help you out. Have QUALITY friends that only move you higher: spiritually, business wise, good advice, friends in need and so on.
  2. You don’t know it all:
    Come to terms with the fact that you actually DON’T know it all. Accept to learn from others willingly, even those who clean your shoes.
  3. Do it yourself:
    Anything you tell someone to do, make sure you know how to do it also; whether it be washing your clothes, cooking your food, cleaning your car or milling your rice. One day they may feel that they’re doing you such a massive favour and then leave you in the dump to be stranded.
  4. You can not do it all:
    Yes, we try to put the ‘Omega’ act on, but the truth is that Stress is real, yup I’ve experienced it. I used to think it was just a mild headache, but No I was fooled. It destroys your system. Division of labour is the key.
  5. Have a plan B:
    Don’t expect that the way you’ve been doing it will work, if it fails you, you will be devastated to ruins. As much work as you put into your plan A put into your plan B also.
  6. Trusting people:
    Don’t trust people too much, they’re going to hurt you!
  7. Fighting the enemy:
    Prepare yourself for the fight that the enemy is going to bring your way. Be calm and collective but always ready. The enemy always comes as those who are the closest to you. In essence, keep your business as your business. They’re not rejoicing with you when you share your success. Don’t be deceived!
  8. Watch your words:
    Be a person of less words, you’re not going to get a gold medal for saying the most things at a dinner table. Talk less, do more!
  9. Temporary people:
    Some people were actually not planned to be in your life for a lifetime. However we keep giving these temporary people lifetime expectations. I’ve learnt this the hard way. However, no matter how hard it is Move on and let Go.
  10. The secret of your happiness:
    The secret to your happiness lies within you. Take pictures and keep them, make little videos, write down the exact episodes of what happens immediately someone pisses you off. Trust me I laugh everyday at my little dozes of stupidness over the year.
  11. Accept failure:
    You can’t get to where you really want to be if you don’t fail. A time will come when you say ‘Thank you Lord for letting me go through that, because if you didn’t let me go through that, I wouldn’t have had the slightest idea and courage to get through this. The suffering you put me through was only preparing me for this.’
  12. Suffering:
    You mustn’t show the world that you are suffering. What are you trying to prove or gain? Pity?? Rather you’re making them laugh at the GOD you serve. After sleepless nights I started having bags under my eyes, then I thought NO WAY!! I’m still a very young girl, I need to learn to have much more time for myself. Even if I don’t have the time I will squeeze the time into my crazy schedule.
  13. It is never too late:
    It’s never too late to learn anything. Don’t care about what they say, “Oh! You’re 30 and you can’t drive, oh you’re 19 and you can’t cook. Oh you’ve been married for 3 years and you’ve never changed your baby’s diapers.” I’ll have to admit I never really was the best of cooks, however this year I specifically placed a huge interest in cooking and told myself it’s never too late to be the best chef in the world ey (well not the WORLD but, you get me). And I have to say I’ve really impressed myself and my family A LOT !! In essence, anything you don’t know… LEARN when YOU feel like it!! No one should put pressure on you. When you want to, you WILL!
  14. Be thankful and give more:
    Appreciate people’s efforts more. Give them gifts or tokens. Just do a little bit more for others. Over the period of this year I’ve learnt not to be too tight-fisted (stingy). I used to think “Well they don’t help me make the money so why should I share so much of it with them?” Well there’s that inner joy you feel when you solve someone else’s problem and then again sometimes the blessing comes indirectly.Some months ago I was in a dicey situation and a lady helped me in the most pleasant way. When I asked her why she was so nice to me, she replied “I normally wouldn’t have taken my time and done this for anyone, but my brother works for you and he told me of that time you helped him and as I saw you I knew it was you.” I was like WOW! So blessings DO and truly come indirectly.
  15. Family:
    Try your best to keep the unity within your family. Friends come and go, but family is for a lifetime. It might seem like my family is the best. Lol ! Don’t worry all the smiles and laughter in my pictures aren’t fooling you, those were the good times. During the bad times there’s no time to take pictures since the phone is a weapon… Lol! I’m joking. I love my sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, (especially) my mum and dad a GREAT deal and Yes they love me too. But trust me there is no automatic ticket to a happy family. You HAVE to put in work. You have to forgive always, you have to silently take the pain, you have to push your pride away and say ‘Look let’s be friends again, I miss you, I miss us.’ Just keep them close, they are lifetime buddy’s.
  16. Lastly and most importantly; Never depend on your own strength:
    I am a stronger woman than I used to be, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, I still have a lot of room for improvements. However, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Time after time I would depend on my own strength and it failed me, but whenever I fell to my knees and cried out to GOD in prayer, I would feel a soft ooze within me and hear ‘It’s okay my child, you are still my child and I WILL help you.’ Call me crazy or ‘making it up’ My GOD actually DOES exist, it’s not make belief or fake.I’m not saying it to get praise or attention, but this year I’ve learnt that the more I hang around spirit filled believers, the more I get filled myself. More of me wants to spread the gospel, but once I start mingling with non-believers… well let’s just say, I begin to lose touch of myself.

So after learning all this in 2014, I can proudly say life is going to be fine. It’s going to be challenging and difficult at times but I’m READY!!! Thank you JESUS for knowledge, wisdom, happiness, unity and peace.

Written by Engr Jenny Akiga

3 thoughts on “2014 Testimony Of A Benue Daughter

  1. Jude Kyausu

    Egr,is always good n healthy to look up to GOD in all ur undertakings.dnt ever look down on anybody u may cm across n finally ever think u hv arrived.thanks hv a nice day.

  2. Jude Kyausu

    i lv d way u choose to dev ursef afta bn aware 4 smtimes yet,u want to cope wit d african society.this’s lvly.

  3. Mos Tingir

    Interesting piece!


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