Not coming to invest in Benue because of Witchcraft?

Business, Stories 4/11/2013 by Akaafele

Witchcraft is a product of evil, and is simply the evil use of supernatural powers. Webster’s defines witchcraft as ”the act or instance of employing sorcery, especially with malevolent intent: a magical rite or technique”.

The believe in the existence of witchcraft is reason enough for one to believe virtually all kinds of supernatural stuffs/elements, ranging from angels, demons, exorcism, Satan, miracles, curses, Necromancy, magic and all that.

Two major forces control human affairs on earth, and these are the forces of good (Light) and evil (Darkness). Satan and his witches/demons are associated with evil while God and his Angels with good.

In as much as witches are designed for evil did and are always against the progress and development of society, it is a wrong notion to blame every negative phenomenon that befalls man on witchcraft. Yes, the powers of witchcraft are real but they are not omnipotent.

Many Benue folks especially those in Diaspora fear that, they’ll be killed by witches if they travel home, some also hold the fear of witches wrecking there businesses if they come home to invest, and so on.

Some others (Most Africans) today attribute: sickness, accidents, deaths, failures, disasters, attacks, infertility and so on to witchcraft without recourse to the canal role that they themselves (man) play(s) in making these things happen.

The truth is that witches exist in Benue, Nigeria, Africa, and in all communities of the world. Hence, one could become a victim of witchcraft attacks in any part of the world and not only when one travels home (Benue).

Witches are everywhere and can travel anywhere to cause havoc. Distance is never a barrier to them. Also, one’s business/ investment is bound to fail if one does not plan or strategies well, and when that happens it shouldn’t be blamed on witchcraft, likewise one’s failure to pass an exam that was not well prepared for or one’s death in an auto crash resulting from drunkenness/ reckless driving.

Not every disaster has an unnatural cause.

Many spend time, effort and money in the attempt to overcome and counter the malevolence of witchcraft. Some go all the way out to seek protection and revenge from native doctors who give them medicines/ concoctions, others prefer to in addition to avoiding any form of association or fraternizing with witches seek the face of God through:

Fervent prayers,

Constant study of God’s word,

Righteous living and so on,

Depending on each individuals faith and belief system.

I’ll encourage our Benue sons and daughters especially in Diaspora who desire to come home to Benue State for leisure, to make a living or invest in any sector of the state’s economy to do so and not allow the fear of witches scare them.

The doors of Benue State are wide open to accommodate their initiatives and ideas.

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