Which is cheaper in Benue State: Water or Palm-wine?

Development, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

This question sounds funny, I guess. People will ordinarily feel that at any cost, water should be cheaper than palm wine but this was the case when I visited Orokam in Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State. Though it was not for merriment as we travelled to bury a neighbor and friend but many got there and made it fun because of the situation we met there. What situation? You might be inquisitive, just relax and read.

We actually got there very late in the evening and many never thought of taking their bath, so we didn’t know the situation of water that much. Palm wine was all over the place but that alone could scarcely ring a bell to our ears. The reality dawned on us the next morning when very early we were given palm wine to wash our face. When some of us opted for water, we were told that they don’t use water to

wash their faces in the morning as water was very scarce. We were shown reservoirs where water is stored during the rainy seasons so as to be used when the rains are no more.

Thus it became clear that water was scarcer than palm wine making it more expensive too. To those who enjoy palm wine, it was a drinking galore. I then remembered the assertion of Dan Agbese, an accomplished editor with several newspapers made about Orokam as the place” where palmwine is cheaper than water”. Hmmmmm I see those who like palm wine already salivating. But this is the real situation of things in Orakam. Just find out time and visit Orakam, you won’t regeret it at all. Benue State, a state where almost everything is there!

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