Unity In Diversity; I am Benue

Inspirational, Stories 4/11/2013 by Robert Ekpeme

Our cry for a better Benue should be devoid of sentiments and born out of the need to look within and rid our land of the disease of disunity, ethnic and political rivalry, and all those factors that impede our development as a state.

Benue like mother Nigeria is a plural and heterogeneous state in terms of the different ethnic groups, religions, tribes and interests found in the state. This diversity should be seen as a blessing rather than a curse and harnessed to serve our purpose as a state.

We should not allow our ethnic and political differences mar the bright future that holds for us as a people. We must allow room for inter religious/ethnic peace and political stability to reign in the interest of the growth and development of our Benue.

There is much we stand to benefit from when we allow love and unity take the center stage above all else. Thinking ‘Benue’ in general is beyond thinking about ‘self’. We ought to think more of ‘I/We are Benue’ rather than I am ACN, I am ANPP, I am PDP, I am Tiv, I am Idoma, I am Igede, I am Etulo, I am Abakwa and so on.

In as much as these differences will always exist in a multi-plural society as ours, we must also ensure we use the differences to our advantage. Diverse ethnic groups, religion, and political views come with different ideas, solutions to problems and ways of doing things which should all be accommodated for social and economic development of Benue state.

If we must progress as a state and be able to compete favorable among the league of states in Nigeria, our collective interest as Benue people must prevail over individual, tribal, and political interests at all times.

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