The major reason of unemployment in Benue State

Development, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

Benue State is blessed with industrial potentials considering the abundance of raw materials, cheap labor, land and urban infrastructure. Unfortunately, insufficient capital has adversely affected the number of functional industries in the state.

The few industrial establishments in the state include:

  1. Dangote Cement Company,
  2. Taraku Mills Ltd.,
  3. Benue Roof Tiles Company,
  4. Benue Breweries,
  5. Benue Burnt Bricks Company,
  6. Coca Cola Co.,
  7. Benro Packaging Co., and
  8. Agro Millers Ltd.

Industries under construction or consideration include:

  1. Cement Companies at Mbatyav and Igumale,
  2. A Fruit Juice Factory at Katsina Ala,
  3. A Fertilizer Blending Plant at Makurdi,
  4. A Furniture Factory, and
  5. Plastic Factory at Makurdi.

Unfortunately, less than 40% of these few industries are functional as I write. The last administration neglected the revitalization of existing industries and rather went into a white goose chase of establishing new ones which eventually did not see the light of the day. The present administration refused consolidating on the projects initiated by the previous administration, leaving the state industrially handicapped.

Poor industrialization in Benue State is the major reason why unemployment is on the increase. The government, private sector and well meaning individuals must ensure that all hands are on deck to revitalize the industrial sector in Benue State. At least if all the aforementioned industries are functional, Benue State will become an industrial giant and a rallying point in the economy of Nigeria.

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